How green are we?

  • Our diagram here gives you an idea of where our energy (and the rest of the UK's) comes from

    Energy sources
  • We take our energy from the National Grid, so we can’t guarantee that what ends up in your home will be totally green. But if you go with our 100% renewable electricity plan, what we can guarantee is that for every unit you buy from us, we’ll buy one back that’s 100% renewable - and comes with Ofgem’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificate. Y

    You can see our full Fuel Mix Disclosure for all our energy plans in comparison with the national average here. 

  • How energy gets to your home

    Electricity is generated in lots of different ways – some comes from green sources but some comes from 100% non-renewable. Wherever it starts from, it all ends up going into the National Grid and getting mixed up together – a bit like water in a reservoir.

    How energy gets to your home
  • Cool Earth logo

    Cool Earth

    As an energy company, we think we've got a bigger responsibility than most when it comes to the environment – and we don't take it lightly. 

    That's why we've got a long-standing set up with our friends at Cool Earth helping to cut global warming. In a nutshell, we donate money to their team so they can keep protecting 100,000 acres of precious rainforest. And that means, just by being with us, you'd be helping too.

  • The Evolution of Energy

    We also try to encourage our customers to use less energy (we know it sounds a bit odd coming from us, but we really mean it). Nowadays we're all using 20% more energy than we were 40 years ago (see what that looks like over the decades). So we think it's up to all of us to cut back a bit.

    The Evolution of Energy Consumption through the Decades