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5 Irritating Things To Spot This St Patrick's Day

At Ovo Energy nothing much changes on St Patrick's Day: we're green all year round, you see
17 Mar 2014

Ovo Energy reach 200,000 customers!

Stephen Fitzpatrick, founder of Ovo reflects on reaching a landmark
27 Feb 2014

Ovo makes customers feel loved again on Valentine's day!

14 Feb 2014

London Tube uses excess heat to warm houses (plus five other cool eco-friendly transport initiatives)

Anyone who’s ever been on the London Underground will know things can get a bit hot and sticky down there, but now that heat is being put to good use – as heating for London homes
3 Feb 2014

Ovo Energy come up trumps in the latest Which? Customer Satisfaction Survey

The results are in! The annual Which? customer satisfaction survey of the energy market has been conducted and Ovo haven't done half bad
20 Jan 2014

5 Ways We've Helped Santa Go Green

When the polar ice caps melt, the first thing into the sea will be Santa's Workshop
23 Dec 2013

Five Ways To Cook A Green Christmas Dinner

1. Buy Local A recent study found that carbon emissions equivalent to 6,000 car journeys are produced to get Britain it’s Christmas dinner fix
21 Dec 2013

Stephen Fitzpatrick on BBC Breakfast - Ahead of the Autumn Statement

Do you feel as if the Chancellor can address your needs and what you can do for the market or is the market very much skewed towards the Big Six? I think that the bigger energy companies have had a big advantage in the past
5 Dec 2013

Stephen Fitzpatrick talks to BBC Two’s Daily Politics programme about competition in the Energy Market

This morning founder of Ovo Stephen Fitzpatrick joined Andrew Neil on BBC Two’s Daily Politics programme
29 Nov 2013

Stephen Fitzpatrick talks to Sky News about the current Energy Market

Earlier today founder of Ovo Stephen Fitzpatrick appeared on Sky News to talk about the state of the energy market today
29 Nov 2013

How Britain Deals With A Big Freeze

We're a right bunch of moaners aren't we? But how do we deal with the fear of frost? In a VERY British way of course
29 Nov 2013

Is 3D printing good or bad for the environment?

Wouldn’t it be convenient if the next time a curtain hook snapped you could simply magic one up yourself, without having to slog down to the DIY shop? Or the next time you had unexpected guests you could just whip up a few extra plates – seemingly out of thin air – instead of resorting to the battered paper plates shoved in the back of the kitchen cupboard? Of course it would, and very soon this could be a reality
20 Nov 2013

What's all this about wholesale prices?!

Did you catch our founder Stephen Fitzpatrick today at the Energy and Climate Change Committee talking about energy prices? "It looks to me like a lot of energy companies - a significant number of the big six - are charging the maximum price they feel they can get away with to customers they feel will not switch under any circumstances," Fitzpatrick told the MPs
29 Oct 2013

Could lab-grown meat be the answer to the global food crisis?

Back in 1932, England’s main man Winston Churchill wrote an essay called ‘Fifty Years Hence’
7 Oct 2013

Switching energy supplier is hard, right? Wrong!

Energy prices are rising and you’re not sure you’re getting the best deal anymore, but switching energy supplier seems like too much of a stress, right? Well, you’re in good company: nearly 40% of customers that haven't switched before are put off by the perceived hassle of it all
26 Sep 2013

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