Reviews from OVO customers


    Meet our customers. They'll talk you through all things OVO... why they joined us, what it's like, why they stay.

  • I have only been with you for six months so far but you have by far the most progressive and friendly attitude of any of the suppliers I have dealt with.

    Jim, Wakefield
  • I really cannot praise OVO high enough. Only wish more large businesses would take a leaf out of your book, give us customers a fair deal, and good service which is very rare these days

    Merle, York
  • As I have been very satisfied with the service you have given me I will be renewing my fixed rate gas and electricity with you for another year. I have been so pleased with your friendly service right from the beginning, so much so that I told my daughter and she is with you now also.

    Frances, Walsall
  • OVO is simple. No fuss, no drama and no degree in Applied Mathematics necessary to understand the statement! This is why I switched. Simple is good.

    Helen, Swindon
  • Well what can I say I have been with OVO for only 6 months now and have made savings between my 2 properties of £498.00 to date!

    Phil, Taunton
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