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We’re sociable sorts here at Ovo. We love hearing what you’ve been up to, how you’re getting on with our cheap energy and most of all, your clever ways of saving energy. Join the community to share stories, tips, suggestions and ideas, and get the internet’s finest energy-related goodness and fun stuff in return.

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Our founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick, was so fed up dealing with large energy companies that he decided to start his own... and we’ve been hitting headlines ever since.

Our fuel mix

Ofgem asks that all energy suppliers disclose their fuel mix – here you can have a look at the mix of different fuels that make up our Cheaper, Better and Greener Energy Plans.

Independent generators

If you generate energy and want to find out about setting up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), this is the place to learn more.

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We’re proud of the job we’re doing when it comes to customer service. Have a look at our annual complaints reports, and see how we’re working to do better every year.

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