• Where our energy comes from

    Electricity is generated in lots of different ways – some comes from green sources but some comes from 100% non-renewable. Wherever it starts from, it all ends up going into the National Grid and getting mixed up together – a bit like water in a reservoir.

    How energy gets to your home

  • What is our fuel mix?


    The fuel mix diagram below shows you how the electricity OVO supplied from April 2013 to March 2014 was generated and how this compares to the UK average. OVO is committed to increasing the renewables and decreasing the carbon intensity of our electricity, while still offering customers best value. Our renewables mix includes technologies such as solar, wind and hydro. We have a bit more detail on our official fuel mix disclosure page.

    Fuel Mix Disclosure graph_Jan2015

    OVO is consistently increasing the amount of renewable power that we buy which directly reduces the amount coal-generated power we sell. We have to balance this with the cost but we are proud of our track record, take a look at our Renewable Energy page.

    While it may be a long fight, OVO is also working hard on the policy side to create new market mechanisms to allow us to get out of coal. We think there should be a clear carbon price, which would make coal more expensive. We are also looking at a certificate scheme, so suppliers can show they do not want to buy coal. Find out more about OVO's position on coal in our blog post - OVO's Fuel Mix Challenge


  • The Evolution of Energy

    We also try to encourage our customers to use less energy (we know it sounds a bit odd coming from us, but we really mean it). Nowadays we're all using 20% more energy than we were 40 years ago (see what that looks like over the decades). So we think it's up to all of us to cut back a bit.

    The Evolution of Energy Consumption through the Decades