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Say hello to OVO Communities

A new era of energy is here - one that can benefit you, your family and your community

Our Community partners


Fairerpower is available to residents in the Cheshire East region. No profit is taken by Cheshire East Council for this initiative, in fact they have invested in it to ensure the scheme is helping people who need it most. Available to all postcodes in the Borough.


Peterborough Energy

Peterborough Energy was created in partnership with Peterborough City Council to help reduce fuel poverty in the region. Available to all postcodes within the Peterborough City Council boundary.


Southend Energy

Southend Energy is available to residents through a partnership with Southend-on-Sea Borough Council to try to tackle fuel poverty in the borough. Available to all residents within the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council boundary.



EnergySW is available to residents in the South West of England through a partnership with social housing consortium Advantage SW to allow social housing tenants and their neighbours access to competitively priced, fairer energy.

What's it all about

For people in the community

Imagine getting a better deal for you and your neighbours. Imagine lowering costs and and seeing money invested in local services. Imagine working alongside those in your local area to increase energy efficiency. Imagine a greener, cheaper and fairer tariff that is generated, purchased and managed by people you trust.

That’s our vision of community energy.

Right now it exists in the UK, and we are proving it with the four partners and 16,000 households who have already made the change.


How will it work?

A well-designed community energy scheme will help you achieve the triple benefits of lower prices, lower emissions and better service. Furthermore you can be comfortable knowing your energy is coming from a trusted and transparent organisation , and also take pride knowing you are doing your bit to help your local community.

Our initiative is aimed at Local Authorities, Housing Associations, large Community Benefit societies and other organisations who share our community ethos and want to make a difference in changing people’s attitudes to energy. We’ve designed the programme to be simple and flexible, developing a community-specific approach that uses some or all of the services and expertise available from OVO. As a local resident, we will aim to enable easier access to lower bills, new local opportunities and excellent service. 

How will it benefit you?

How can you get involved?

The shift towards Community Energy is already underway, and we’re interested to hear from you if you’re already involved in a similar scheme, or think it would be right for your community. Our team can also get in touch if you’d like more information about the initiative or on OVO.

Simply send an email to, and we'll get back to you with more information.

Communities in action

To celebrate the launch of OVO Communities we're showcasing the most heartwarming and interesting stories from local communities around the world. Check out the OVO blog for the latest community stories. Have some of your own? Send us your best stories to

Check out the OVO blog
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