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OVO Media Centre

At OVO Energy, we want to make things better: for our industry, our communities and most importantly for our customers. That’s why from day one, we’ve been built around what works best for them. That means simpler, cheaper energy; better customer service; new, exciting products and ways of interacting. It also means making sure someone is standing up for them when it really counts, helping to make sure they are never taken advantage of.

We work hard to do our part and make a difference to the big things that really matter to us and our customers, like building a fairer energy market; protecting our natural environment; and being a responsible business. 

If you’re a journalist looking to get in touch with our press office, or you’d just like to learn more about what we’re thinking and what we’re doing, you can find that all here…

Contact our Press Team

For all media related enquiries please call Rob Jeffery on 07415 702 472 or email us.

For all customer related enquiries, whether you're an existing customer or potential customer please call 0800 5999 440 (for Pay Monthly plans) or 0800 358 3523 (for Pay As You Go plans).

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