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All about your smart system

OVO Energy smart meters

All about your new smart set up

How do my smart meters communicate?

I've had a smart meter fitted - what's next?

Introducing your IHD and Smart Gateway

What is an In-Home Display (IHD)?

What's a Smart Gateway?

Using your IHD

What do the buttons on my In-Home display screen mean?

See how much energy you've used

How can I use my IHD to make sure I don't run out of credit?

Setting targets on your IHD

How can my IHD and smart meter help me manage my energy use?

Using your smart meter

How do I start using my new smart meter?

Keypad shortcuts

What do the lights and buttons mean on my OVO smart meter?

How to tell if your smart meter has a fault

My meters been installed, why is it now off supply?

What should I do if my smart meter goes off supply?



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