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120 Ways to save and conserve energy

This guide is intended to provide general guidance only. It is not intended to give you advice on your personal financial circumstances. You should seek independent professional advice if you’re unsure about anything mentioned in this guide or what choices to make

From putting a lid on a saucepan to buying an electric car, here’s a list of ways to cut back your energy use, lower your bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

How can we conserve energy without spending any money?

To start with, here are some quick and easy energy conservation methods that won’t cost you anything; in fact they’ll probably save you money.

In the kitchen

Throughout the rest of your home


How does housework help to conserve energy?

Dirt and dust can clog appliances and devices so they don’t work as well as they should. A clean home is an energy-efficient one – so find out here how to conserve energy with housework.

How can I stop wasting energy in my home?

Your home isn’t energy efficient if you’re wasting heat or water – or cold air from the fridge. Here are some energy conservation methods that will help you reduce leaks and wastage.

Heat, cold and light


How can I make the right energy-saving choices?

Saving energy is all about making choices and rethinking your lifestyle, so here are some energy conservation tips to help you make the right decisions.

Does saving energy always mean using less?

Not necessarily – conserving energy is usually all about cutting down – but sometimes it’s all about filling up

To conserve energy, should I always switch everything off?

Wasting energy means you’re also wasting money. If you want to know an easy way to save energy, just get into the habit of switching off any electrical appliances that aren’t in use.

How do we conserve energy when we’re going on holiday?

Want to know how to conserve energy in your home while you’re away? It’s all about finding a happy medium. You need to keep your freezer contents safe and your home secure, but you don’t want to waste money on electricity. Here are some suggestions to get you started; you’ll find plenty of methods to conserve energy in our ‘What should I do if I go on holiday’ guide in OVO Answers.


How can I save energy in the car?

The car is one place where you can clearly see your energy consumption by watching the petrol gauge, so it’s easy to understand how to save fossil fuels. Here are a few energy conservation methods to make sure the needle moves more slowly:

Before you set off

On the road

How can we conserve energy resources in the workplace?

Don’t leave all your good energy-saving habits at home when you go to work. Whether you’re an employee, a manager or the head honcho, here are some ways to conserve energy and make a difference in your workplace.



What major changes can I make in my home to save energy?



Appliances and devices

Heating systems

Outside your home



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