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Understanding your energy bill

If you read and check your gas and electricity bills regularly, you should be aware of exactly what you’re being charged for your energy use, and what you’re paying in standing charges. This knowledge will help you to reduce the amount of energy you use. And that means you could cut your bills down.

Although all energy companies do their best to make sure your electricity and gas bills are as accurate as possible, mistakes do happen. You might be paying too much for your energy because of an inaccurate meter reading, or you may not be paying enough – which could mean you fall into energy debt. Reading and understanding your energy bills will help you spot any errors and put them right.

Energy bills explained

We’ve done our best to make your gas and electricity bills as easy to understand as possible. It’s part of our mission to make energy simpler, fairer and more transparent.

However, to comply with the law, we also have to include a great deal of other information. This means your bill runs to several pages, and it can be hard to find the particular facts and figures you want.

This guide walks you through an OVO bill as a sample UK energy bill, but in fact most energy companies’ bills should include the same details – just not necessarily in the same order.

The first part of your bill shows our contact details, your name and address, your OVO account number, your My OVO ID, your statement number and your statement date. That’s all pretty straightforward, except maybe your My OVO ID number. You use this to log into My OVO – but you can use your email address instead if you prefer.

Could you pay less?

This section lets you know whether you could pay less by switching to a different OVO tariff, or if you’re already on the cheapest one available. It explains what we believe your gas and electricity will cost over the year of your contract with OVO – this is known as your ‘future annual cost’.

Impartial advice and info on switching

This is standard information letting you know where you can get independent advice about your rights as an energy customer and how to save money on your energy bills.

Your statement at a glance

About your tariff

This section reminds you of the details of your OVO Energy plan, including how you’re paying and when it ends.

Gas emergency

This section tells you what to do if you smell gas or think there’s a gas leak in or near your home.

Send us your meter readings!

A reminder for customers who haven’t yet got smart meters.

Our energy sources

This shows all the fuels and energy sources we use to provide your energy.

If you’re on our Greener plan, you may be puzzled that the list seems to show that you’re only getting a percentage of your energy, rather than 100%, from renewable sources. This is because we can’t actually separate out the renewable energy from the other sources – once they’re flowing through the grid, they’re all mixed together.

However, if you’re a Greener customer, we guarantee that for every unit of electricity you buy from us, we’ll buy one unit from a 100% renewable energy source. So the amount of electricity you take from the national grid is the same as the amount of electricity we feed into the national grid from renewable sources on your behalf.

Local Network Operators

Your Local Network Operator is the company you need to contact if there’s a power cut, so we provide their phone number here.

  Electricity used

  Gas used

Most of this section should be clear, or the same as the electricity references we’ve explained above, but here are a couple of other items:

Easy ways to pay your electricity and gas bills


1. Direct Debit

With Direct Debit you make a monthly payment, straight from your bank account, based on an estimate of how much energy we believe you’re likely to use in the coming months. If you send us monthly meter readings, we can get a much better picture and make sure your energy bills are spot on.

You’ll get a bill every month, either a few days before or after your Direct Debit comes out.

2.  Smart meter

Like to be in control? Choose a smart meter on Pay As You Go (PAYG). You can top up online, or with the OVO PAYG app, by text or in a PayPoint outlet – it’s super-flexible, to make things easier for you.

We’ll send you an annual statement, so you can keep tabs on what you’ve spent.