Plan Zero: how we’re walking the talk

17 January 2020 | OVO Energy

Read our bold new business strategy, Plan Zero, to see how we’re guiding our members on the journey to net zero carbon living.

If you’re wondering why we’re so big on carbon and the ‘journey to zero carbon’, wonder no more – the answer is quite simple and it’s called ‘Plan Zero’.

Plan Zero is our bold and ambitious 10-year business strategy, launched in September 2019, as a direct response to the climate crisis. It’s the result of a long process to define how we as a business can use our energy for good.

We know that net zero carbon is only possible if everyone pulls together, so its aim is to unite our team, businesses, and members behind a single goal of reducing emissions. Hopefully it’ll inspire other businesses to play their part too!

Plan Zero is the reason we’re so determined to help our members cut their carbon emissions. And it’s why we’re developing technology to prevent energy waste, and help the UK move towards a zero-carbon energy system.

The whole thing lays out 6 big commitments in total, plus details on how we’ll achieve them, but here are the highlights…


Up first, we’re committed to being a net zero-carbon business by 2030 – 20 years earlier than the government’s net-zero 2050 goal. 

This means we’ll transform all the businesses within our parent company OVO Group so that we reach net zero emissions across our operations and supply chain by 2030. This covers lots of things from electrifying our vans, to supplying our buildings with 100% renewable electricity.

We’re also working with our members to help them halve their total lifestyle carbon emissions, and eliminate their household emissions by 2030.

The eagle-eyed will have noticed that our latest products are already championing this goal. Like OVO Greenlight, which helps you understand your carbon emissions and learn how to start reducing them. Starting with your home energy and transport emissions, it reveals your carbon impact. It also gives you suggestions to support you as you start to lighten your footprint.

Plus, OVO BeyondBETA – our new carbon-neutral home energy upgrade which brings you the tools and support to guide your home to zero carbon. 

Plan Zero also lays out how we’re going to optimise 5 million homes with flexible, low carbon technologies like smart EV chargers and smart heaters. These are the genius technologies that will help build a more flexible national energy grid, which can one day be solely powered by renewables. A key part of reaching net zero carbon. 

Here’s what our CEO and founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick, had to say about Plan Zero:

“It’s clear we all have to work towards a world beyond carbon. It’s clear that government and business need to lead the way and take bold action or risk losing the trust of the people they serve. Plan Zero sets out how OVO will play its part.

“Starting now, we’re going to be measuring ourselves not by how much energy we sell but by how much we move the dial on carbon. We’re mobilising all our members to form a zero-carbon community and providing them with tools and services they need to help them eliminate the carbon emissions from their homes.”

We’ve always aimed to be a business that’s better for people and the planet, so it’s not an overstatement to say that the whole team feels proud to see written down on paper the ambition and passion that’s driven us for the last 10 years – and will continue to make the next 10 years feel meaningful too! 

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