Plan Zero: how we’re walking the talk

22 December 2021 | OVO Energy

Read about our bold sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, and how it’s helping us guide our members on the journey to zero carbon.

If you’re wondering why we’re so big on carbon and the “journey to zero carbon”, wonder no more – the answer is quite simple and it’s called Plan Zero.

Plan Zero was launched in September 2019 as our direct response to the climate crisis. It sets out how we’ll use our energy for good over the next 10 years.

We know that zero carbon is only possible if everyone pulls together, so Plan Zero aims to unite our team and members behind a single goal of kicking carbon. Hopefully it’ll inspire other businesses to play their part, too! In fact, Plan Zero is behind everything we do.

It’s split up into 6 big commitments, with detail around how we’ll achieve each of them. Here are the highlights…

We’re aiming to kit out 5 million homes with flexible, low carbon tech like smart EV chargers and heat pumps. 

This genius tech will help build a more flexible national energy grid, which will one day run solely on renewables. A key part of reaching net zero carbon! 

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been passionate about building a business that’s better for people and the planet. Now, we’re incredibly proud to see our vision for a greener future written down on paper – and we can’t wait to make it happen! 

Here’s what our CEO and founder, Stephen Fitzpatrick, has to say about Plan Zero:

“It’s clear we all have to work towards a world beyond carbon. It’s clear that government and business need to lead the way and take bold action or risk losing the trust of the people they serve. Plan Zero sets out how OVO will play its part.”

“Starting now, we’re going to be measuring ourselves not by how much energy we sell but by how much we move the dial on carbon. We’re mobilising all our members to form a zero-carbon community and bringing them the tools and services they need to help them eliminate the carbon emissions from their homes.”

And all this? Well, it’s only half the story. Plan Zero also includes big goals around making us one of the UK’s most trusted brands – and becoming the ultimate place to work for anyone who wants to change the world. Want to read Plan Zero in full? Head here.