OVO Energy price change

23 October 2012 | OVO Energy

Leading independent energy company OVO Energy is confirming there will be no change to its variable tariff this winter. At £1188.90 per annum this is 13% cheaper than the average standard tariff from larger energy companies that have already instituted price rises this year.

At the same time OVO is announcing an increase of 4.7% in its fixed rate energy tariff available for new and renewing customers. The average price of this tariff is £1,139.29* and remains the cheapest fixed dual fuel tariff on the market.

In fact over the past twelve months, OVO has changed the price of its fixed tariff four times, twice upwards and twice downwards. We know that everyone would rather pay less for their energy, but OVO are committed to passing on savings wherever possible.

We hope our next price move will be downwards but at this time rising network and regulated costs have meant an increase was necessary. We have tried to hold our existing offer for as long as possible but a 4.8% rise in wholesale gas cost for this winter last week meant we could not wait any longer.