OVO makes customers feel loved again on Valentine's day!

14 February 2014 | Anna-Lucy Terry

This Valentine’s Day, OVO Energy, the UK’s cheapest energy supplier, has taken customer service to a whole new level as part of its #feellovedagain (feel loved again) campaign. A team of staff from the company serenaded the public with a bespoke song to bring some love to the daily commute on Friday 14th February.

Stephanie Faulkner and Kat Bradshaw-Smith who work in the customer services department at the independent energy supplier’s Bristol offices are both part-time singers and they were accompanied on guitar by OVO staff member Chris Lanyon. The trio showcased their talents to passing commuters at Waterloo station in London, who were showered with Valentine’s gifts from the OVO team.

In recent years, with extortionate price hikes, profiteering of the Big Six and poor customer service, consumers have become increasingly disenchanted by the energy giants and the public has fallen out of love with the energy sector. However, challenger to the Big Six and consumer champion, OVO Energy, is aiming to bring the love back into energy this Valentine’s Day with a serenading duo that shows the public that there is reason to energy.

Charlie Smith, Marketing Director, OVO Energy said: “OVO is dedicated to providing a fair, honest and transparent pricing with customer service that is second to none. We pride our selves on having the most talented staff in the energy sector who are never afraid to go above and beyond the call of duty. I’m delighted that we’re able to champion some of the fantastic musical talent within the company to give commuters a little love through music.”

If Stephanie and Kat’s romantic Valentine’s gig proves a success, OVO will take love on the road with a regional tour that visits cities with the most dedicated OVO customers including Guildford, Brighton, Bournemouth, Southampton and Norwich .

OVO Energy, which in October shone a spotlight on the unsubstantiated price hikes of Big Six, is today launching a consumer campaign to encourage consumers to ‘Feel Loved Again’ by switching their energy provider. Many British consumers have longstanding relationships with their energy suppliers, and in the past, customers have lost out to the tune of billions and put up with terrible customer service because of their unquestioning loyalty.

Smith said:  “We’re urging customers to take a long, hard look at their energy supplier. Most households have been with their suppliers for many years, but like any relationship, if it’s not working, then it’s time to move on.”

The company has injected it’s own witty and humorous personality into a print and national TV campaign that plays on relationship break-ups and urges the public to re-evaluate their relationship with their energy provider to ‘Feel loved again’ this Valentine’s Day.

OVO’s first national TV campaign, which airs on ITV on Friday 14th February, sees couples in a marriage counseling scenario ‘breaking-up’ with their energy supplier in a twist on the traditional Valentines Day fare.