Waterloo & City Line's Greenstops

20 October 2021 | OVO Energy

The Waterloo & City line is the shortest in the Underground system by far, with only two stops. This doesn’t stop it being a great way to reach two amazing greenstops, though. 

This line is closed on Sundays and is mostly used by commuters, which makes the green spaces that we’ve picked an ideal choice for your lunch time walk.

closest parks to Waterloo & City line

The most highly rated parks on the Waterloo & City line

Both Waterloo Millenium Green and Festival Gardens have plenty of stunning greenery, chances to spot wildlife and ability to be reached extremely easily. If your workplace is located near the Waterloo & City stops, then taking some time out of your busy day to recharge among nature is definitely worth the effort.

The closest parks to the Waterloo & City line

Waterloo Millennium Green, London

Waterloo Millennium Green, London - ©, Robin Scott

The closest of the two greenstops along this line is Waterloo Millenium Green, which is a short three minute walk from Waterloo station. Once there, you can spend your time wandering the area and exploring the greenery, or just take a seat on a bench and take in the sights. Both are great options, in our opinion.

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Top Header image: Festival Gardens, London - ©, Wayland Smith