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Ready to start
a Carbon Detox?

After the indulgence of Christmas, we all want to start the year feeling refreshed. Why not try a Carbon Detox? Your carbon footprint will feel lighter, and the planet will thank you for it too.

10 step Carbon Detox

Kick some unnecessary carbon out of your life by taking a few (or all!) of the steps below.

We’ve also enlisted a few of our favourite carbon-detoxing partners to help you. Oh, and don’t forget to share your #carbondetox with @OVOenergy to encourage others to get involved too!

Ditch halogen. Live LED

For every 34 halogen bulbs switched to LEDs, 183kg of carbon emissions are saved (plus you’ll save money on electricity too).

Switch off and save

Forget standby. Leaving that little red light on your appliances is creating a lot of carbon. If everyone in the UK pulled the plug, it would prevent 5.15 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year.

Get smart and turn it down

If we all turned our smart thermostats down by just 1 degree, we’d collectively prevent over 8 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Smart meters have a similar energy-saving, carbon-kicking impact. Got yours yet?


Send fewer pointless emails

If we all sent one less email a day, we’d save over 16,000 tonnes of carbon a year (and de-clutter our inboxes). To help remind you, we’ve created a handy extension for your chrome web browser.


Install Carbon Capper

Switch the plane for a train

Switch the plane for a train. Take the train to Paris this spring instead of flying and you’ll cut 53kg of carbon.

Plant a tree (or three)

One tree can absorb one tonne of carbon by its 40th birthday – so why not attend a tree-planting event with our partners The Conservation Volunteers?


See events

Waste nothing with ODDBOX

Incredibly, over 10 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in the UK. Let’s help to reduce that with ODDBOX fruit and veg boxes.


Check out ODDBOX

Swap fashion with Swopped

If you swapped rather than shopped, you could save up to 200kg from your clothing carbon footprint a year. All possible with help from the clever gang at Swopped.


Try Swopped

Refill with Fulfilled




Cut out the plastic waste with stylish reusable dispensers full of planet-friendly hair & body care products from Fulfilled.


Discover Fulfilled

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OVO member?

The climate crisis is humanity's greatest challenge. But by working together to lower our collective carbon emissions, we can fight it.

We’ve got the green energy and technology you need to kick carbon. And the more of us there are, the faster we'll reach net zero.

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