OVO’s financial support Terms & Conditions

The financial support offered by OVO is discretionary and will be applied by OVO based on an individual assessment.

If you are assessed to be eligible for support, we’ll agree a payment plan with you. This could either be a plan in which:

  • you pay us an agreed amount which is lower than your actual bill or required direct debit amount for a specific period of time (up to 3 months); or
  • allows you to spread the money you owe us over a period of time and at a rate that should be affordable for you. If you have a prepayment meter, we may ask you to make top-ups that more than cover the cost of the energy you’re using, so you pay the debt back gradually.

The following conditions will apply to any payment plan we agree with you:

  • you’ll agree to a payment plan to pay for your energy use;
  • you can pay off the full amount you owe anytime before the payment plan ends;
  • while you still owe us money under the payment plan you can’t change supplier – unless we agree to transfer your debt to your new supplier;
  • if you move home, you’ll have to pay us the full amount you still owe under the payment plan, unless you ask to transfer the amount over to your new address and we agree to continue to supply you. We may set up a new payment plan for your new address;
  • if you’re paying off the money you owe us through a prepayment meter you must make the repayments we’ve agreed with you. You’ll need to add more credit to your meter over and above the repayment we’ve agreed with you to pay for your ongoing energy use;
  • if you fail to make any payment due under the payment plan, we can take action against you to recover the debt in accordance with our core energy supply terms;
  • if we agree to let you pay less than the amount that’s due to us for a period of time, this does not mean that we accept your payment in full and final settlement of the relevant amount. You’re still responsible for paying the outstanding balance to us in line with the terms of the contract;
  • we reserve the right to review the payment plan at regular intervals.

These extra terms will form part of your contract with us. 

Other things you should know

This financial support is discretionary and will be applied by OVO following a successful individual assessment.