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CORGI HomePlan

Discover how CORGI HomePlan insurance can keep you safe and warm

Who are CORGI HomePlan and what have they got to do with OVO?

If you’re familiar with the phrase CORGI registered, you'll know that CORGI is the former gas industry regulator who, until 2009, was responsible for ensuring gas installations in the UK were carried out safely by fully qualified engineers. Since 2009 when CORGI was replaced as a regulator by the Gas Safe Register, CORGI has continued its work through the GAS Safety Trust to ensure that UK homes are kept safe.

CORGI HomePlan has traded under the CORGI name since 2011. Its insurance can cover your boiler, central heating, plumbing, drains and electrics – protecting you from unexpected repair costs, and bringing you help when you need it most.

What’s the exclusive OVO Customer offer with CORGI HomePlan?

From time to time we run some fantastic offers, like offering discounts off selected policies. Need more info? For more details visit MyOVO


Can I still get the offer if I’m joining OVO, but you’re not supplying my energy yet?

Yes, as long as you’re set up on MyOVO, you're a PAYM customer and meet CORGI HomePlan's eligibility criteria, you'll be able to take advantage of the offer.  For more details visit MyOVO

My electricity is with OVO but my gas is with another supplier, can I get the CORGI HomePlan offer?

Yes, as long as you meet CORGI HomePlan's eligibility criteria (which includes being a homeowner), you'll still qualify. For more information visit MyOVO

Do I need to be on a certain tariff to get the exclusive CORGI HomePlan offer?

No so long as you’re a current customer with OVO and you meet CORGI HomePlan's elgibility criteria you will qualify. For more information visit MyOVO

Can I pay for CORGI HomePlan from my OVO direct debit?

No, your contract will be directly with CORGI HomePlan and a separate Direct Debit will be set up.

What if I have a problem with my CORGI HomePlan account?

Ring CORGI HomePlan directly on 0800 085 0845 and a friendly human can help, or go to the CORGI HomePlan website here for lots of useful info

How do I get CORGI HomePlan to fix something for me?

It’s really easy. Just ring CORGI HomePlan’s 24/7 emergency care line 0800 085 0845, or go to CORGI HomePlan’s website here and you’ll get all the help you need.

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