How much could you save in just 3 minutes?

Switching suppliers could save you over £200*


Switching energy suppliers used to be a hassle, but these days it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

First check for any obstacles, then gather your details, before finally grabbing a quote.

In just 3 minutes you should have an idea of how much you can save by switching. You’ll then be able to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead and switch.

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Interest reward

Stay in credit and we'll pay you 3% OVO Interest Reward (rising to 5% in year 3) on the balance**

Fixed prices

Enjoy fixed gas and electricity unit prices for 12 months

£60 discount

Manage your energy yourself online and enjoy even greater savings^^

1: Check for any obstacles to switching

For most people, switching providers is a simple process that can be put in motion in as little as five minutes. But on odd occasions, there may be a reason why you can’t switch immediately. The three most common obstacles are as follows:

  1. Prepayment meter: If you are on a prepayment meter you may not be eligible for a fixed price deal. For prepay customers OVO has developed a PAYG+ plan with an app that saves both time and money.
  2. Landlord permission: Generally the person paying the energy bill can choose whichever provider they choose. If there is a clause in your tenancy agreement dictating supplier, however, you may need to get landlord permission to switch.
  3. Outstanding bills: A large outstanding debt can stop you switching suppliers. If you owe money for less than 28 days this shouldn't be an issue. For prepay customers debts above £500 must be paid before switching.

If you are on a standard variable tariff that is paid automatically via direct debit, there should be no obstacles to switching. Indeed, analysis by OVO shows that Big Six energy customers on a standard variable tariff can save between £120 and £320 per year by switching to OVO Better Energy, depending on how much energy they use.

2: Gather your current tariff details

You can get a quick quote based on your postcode and house size alone, but this will only be an estimate based on the average energy use for your house size. If you can find a current energy bill with a few more details, you’ll be able to get a much more accurate quote.

Here are the four pieces of info you’ll need to get a detailed quote:

  1. Postcode: simple!
  2. Current supplier: the name of your current supplier
  3. Current tariff: the name of the tariff you are on
  4. Energy use: an estimate of how much you use or pay

Whilst this might sound like a lot of information, it can all be found on a recent energy bill. The current tariff name is perhaps the only confusing thing. This is the name of the energy plan you are on. It might be ‘standard’, or ‘fixed till ___’ – it tends to vary in name among different suppliers.

3: Get a quick quote to see if you’ll save

Once you’ve got these details then you are ready to calculate a quote.

On the quick quote calculator at OVO, we give you a rough estimate in seconds once you’ve entered your postcode, how you pay, which fuels you want and how many bedrooms you’ve got.


Want to see how much you could be saving? Simply input your post code below for a free quote:

The estimate you get looks like this:

dual fuel estimate

To get more accurate numbers, click on ‘refine your quote’ – you’ll be directed to a page where you can enter which tariff you are on and how much energy you use, either in pounds or kWh. You can find these figures on your recent bill.


Here’s how it will look:

how to switch


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