How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

By changing your lifestyle. Using less energy, and travelling, shopping and eating more consciously.

How can I reduce my carbon footprint

There are many excellent resources online to help you understand your carbon footprint, and how to reduce it.  From an energy perspective, here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Insulating your home
  • Buying energy-efficient appliances
  • Switching appliances off at the wall
  • Walking and cycling more
  • Using public transport
  • Our carbon footprint calculator will help you find ways to reduce your footprint

Want more detail? 

Insulate, insulate, insulate 

From DIY solutions like extra sets of curtains and draft excluders, to loft insulation, new windows and more, a well-insulated home can use less energy to heat. 

Turn your boiler down 1 degree 

It’s a great – and painless! – way to reduces the energy you’re using..  

Only use what you need 

Why boil a full kettle when you only want a cuppa? You’ll use much less power – and save £££s – by getting in the habit of only boiling enough water to do what you need to.  

Be clever with your laundry 

Turn the water temperature down to 30 degrees, and make the most of breezy days. You’ll save money, and your sheets smell lovely and fresh without the fabric conditioner.  

Get smart 

A smart meter can help you become more aware of what you’re using and when. If you become more aware of how you use energy, it’s easier to make lifestyle changes. 

Carbon offsetting 

Some people choose to minimise their impact by investing in carbon offsetting schemes. This is where you pay money into a scheme or programme that plants trees or develops renewable energy projects to balance out the carbon in the atmosphere.

We don’t believe this is the best option. The planet benefits more if everyone tries to reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy in the first place. However, if you have reduced waste as much as possible and still want to do more, investing in carbon offsetting is a good option. OVO has supported Cool Earth since 2010, investing in local communities to conserve Peruvian rainforest.

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