Energy and environment

Back when OVO started out, our ambitions were to be better, simpler and greener than traditional energy companies. And as we’ve grown, our sense of responsibility to people and planet hasn’t diminished, and neither has our passion for the science behind the energy we supply.

In this section of OVO Answers we talk about all things energy and environment – from sustainability to science!  

All those energy questions answered

Have you ever wondered what energy is? Where does it come from? What’s electricity? And what about nuclear power? Our in-house experts have been working hard to demystify all things energy in an accessible way – ideal if you're helping with the kids' homework (or just feeling curious).

OVO and the environment

As an energy company, we believe we have a responsibility to consider, and where possible, reduce our environmental impact. We do this in a number of ways, including our historic support of rainforest charity Cool Earth. There’s lots of info about that, plus other ways we’re working  hard to be greener – like providing at least 33% renewable electricity as standard. 

Doing the right thing

There’s lots of handy information to help you do the right thing too. From info about climate change, carbon footprints and recycling, through to our overview on energy efficiency, it’s all helpful stuff.

Cool Earth

OVO started working with rainforest preservation charity Cool Earth back in 2011. Together, we’ve saved an impressive 100,000 acres of rainforest. There’s info in this topic about who Cool Earth are and why we chose to work with them.  

We Dig Trees – do you? 

I Dig Trees is a programme OVO runs on behalf of our Greener Energy plan customers to plant 157,000 trees and improve over 2,000 green spaces across the UK. There’s lots of info about this exciting volunteer programme, including what kind of trees we’re planting, why we’re on a planting mission, and who’s involved. 

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How efficient is my home?
How efficient is my home?
There are many benefits to making your home energy efficient. It’s one of those chores that require a little thinking, careful consideration…
What is energy efficiency?
Is your household energy efficient? Efficiency in energy consumption is now becoming increasingly important.
What is recycling?
… and why is it so important to the future of our planet?
What is the greenhouse effect?
The greenhouse effect is a natural process whereby the Earth’s atmosphere insulates the planet and keeps it warm. (Space is really, really cold.)
Why should we recycle?
Our planet has finite resources, so it makes sense to use them carefully – reducing waste, reusing things where we can and recycling whenever reuse isn’t possible.
Does OVO offer 100% renewable electricity?
Yes we do – just choose the Green Energy add-on with any plan.
How do solar panels work?
How do solar panels work?
Solar PV panels are a clever technology that uses the energy of the sun to trigger a reaction that results in electricity.
How do wind turbines work?
How do wind turbines work?
Wind turbines are a form of renewable energy technology that harnesses the free power of the wind to create electricity.
How does biomass energy work?
How biomass energy works depends on the fuel. There are different processes.
What is geothermal energy and how does it work?
Geothermal energy is the thermal energy that comes from the natural heat in the earth’s core.
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