How do I survive winter energy bills?

We can’t help with dark nights or Christmas shopping, but we can help you understand the biggest winter energy expenses and survive winter energy bills.

Whether you love it or loathe it when winter rolls round, one thing’s for certain. Almost everyone spends a bit more on energy. This is because it’s colder outside and darker earlier – which means you’ll tend to turn on the heating and lights more.

It may not be quite as easy to save energy in winter, but with a bit of knowledge and a few tweaks to your routine, it certainly is possible to reduce your biggest winter energy expenses. And by making those small changes, you’ll definitely survive winter energy bills. 

10 things to do before you switch the heating on this winter

Have you started the inevitable ‘best time to turn the central heating on’ argument? A poll of OVO HQ says that we’re 80% turned on at time of press – but should we be? Here are 10 things to do before you flick the switch.

Fairy lights are energy demons

Strong statement, we know. But it’s true. Those twinkly smile-raisers are far from budget friendly – in fact, last year lots of people called us worried that we’d made a mistake with their bills. 

So before you deck the halls – and the roof and the windows and the garden gnomes – consider your energy bill. If you can’t curb your light habit, here are our energy scrooge tips: 

  • Switch to LED – these lights use 90% less than the traditional incandescent kind. 
  • Try battery operated ones – as well as being really easy to install, you’ll stay on top of your spending.
  • Try a plug in timer – if your incandescent fairy lights have sentimental value, avoid a big bill by reducing the time you use them for. 

More Christmas energy saving
It’s not just the fairy lights that can dull the festive feeling when the bill comes round, unfortunately. Extra visitors, lots of cooking, more heating and even all the new gizmos, gadgets and toys can hit your energy bill as well as your wallet. Take a closer look at what eats the units – and how you can be an energy scrooge without ruining Christmas – here.

Top 10 ways to save money in the kitchen
Saving energy isn’t the only thing we’re keep on here at OVO HQ. It’s all too easy to let common sense fly out of the window when the festive season comes round, so here’s a rundown of stuff you already know – that will save you £££s – as long as you remember it! Guide here.

Snug as a bug – what about heating?
Even if your home’s well insulated and your central heating works well, sometimes we all feel the need for a bit of extra or instant heat. But did you know that electric heaters can be one of the most expensive ways to warm up? These guides can help you understand your options: 
Heating costs: gas vs oil vs electric storage heaters
Choosing energy-efficient heaters for your home

A crafty draft beater
Saving energy can be fun? Really? Well, kind of. It can certainly be satisfying and creative. Here’s our favourite blog from last year – how to sew your very own draft excluder! This guide teaches you how to make your own sausage dog draft excluder.

What about the Warm Home Discount?
Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme to help people pay for their energy. Broadly speaking, it’s only available to people who receive benefits or are on a low income, but it’s definitely worth finding out more here

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