How do I get the online account management discount?

With any of our plans, you can save an extra £2.50 a month* for each fuel when you choose to manage your account completely online with My OVO.

How do I get the online account management discount

If you choose one of our monthly payment plans, just pick the online management discount* when you sign up or renew.

If you’re a Pay as you go your rates include the discount right from the start.

When will I get my first monthly £5 online management discount?

You’ll get the £5 discount* built into your energy plan from the off – or £2.50 if you only have one fuel with us. So if you pay monthly by Direct Debit, you’ll see it on your very first OVO statement and on every statement from then on, for as long as you keep looking after your account online. And if you’re a PAYG customer, it’s automatically taken off your unit rates.

Do the prices you’ve quoted me include the discount?

If you’re paying monthly by DD, then no – your discount will be taken off your total plan price. You’ll see your discount on your monthly statements.

If you’re on PAYG, yes – the rates we’ve quoted you already include the discount.

*Online Discount - £30.00 per year per fuel added to your account on a daily basis as £0.0822 per day. Here's how it's calculated and will show on your statements if you pay monthly.  You can lose your online discount if you do not follow the terms and conditions. 

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