What does the OVO app do for customers who pay monthly?

If you’re an OVO customer you can use the app to manage your OVO account and make life easier in all kinds of ways.

Our app is the quickest and most convenient way to manage your OVO account. 

If you’re on a monthly payment plan, you can use it to:

  • See how much energy you’ve used.
  • Send us your meter readings.
  • Download your statements.
  • Check your account details, including your tariff.
  • Work out how much you’re likely to spend.
  • Use the app’s torch to read your meter if it’s tucked away in a dark corner.

Remember, if you always use the app to manage your account, you’ll get our online account management discount. It’s currently £60 a year if you have both gas and electricity from us.

Download the app now – it takes just a few seconds to make life easier and manage your energy efficiency.

PAYM OVO Energy app itunes download

If you’re on one of our Pay As You Go plans

If you’re a Smart PAYG+ customer, find out about the app version that’s right for you.

If you’re on a Traditional PAYG plan, ask us about upgrading to a smart meter.

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