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What is the Government Electricity Rebate and how do I get it?

£12 of free electricity from the government. Read on to see how you get it.

If you’re on one of our fixed rate contracts (Better Energy or Greener Energy), the cost of your energy is fixed and will stay the same for 12 months even if energy prices rise overall.

However, the Government is concerned because rising energy bills - mainly due to increases in wholesale gas prices - have been causing difficulties for many households in recent years.

They are also aware that their energy and climate change policies have meant that ordinary consumers are paying more for their energy, even though most household incomes have either stayed the same or possibly fallen during the same period. These policies are very important, as they reduce our dependence on fossil fuels like coal and oil, but they have resulted in higher bills for many people.

To help offset the effects of these policies and price rises, the Government has decided to give £12 to every UK domestic electricity customer in 2014. This is due to happen again in 2015, although the amount may possibly change.This is the Government Electricity Rebate (GER), and they believe it will help to reduce the impact of policy costs on everyday household energy bills. It’s part of a wider package of measures which the Government hopes will reduce household energy bills by around £50 a year.

Do I qualify for the Government Electricity Rebate? 

You’re eligible for a Government Electricity Rebate if you have a domestic electricity supply contract with a domestic electricity supplier - like OVO, for example.

If you don’t buy your electricity directly from a domestic supplier - for instance, if you live in a park home - you probably won’t qualify for the rebate in 2015. However, the Government is considering extending the scheme, and if so you may be eligible.

How do I apply?  

You don’t need to apply, or in fact do anything at all to get your Government Electricity Rebate. If you were an OVO customer in 2014, we simply put the £12 in your account automatically, and we’ll do the same this year. You’ll see it as a credit on your statement, labelled ‘Government Electricity Rebate’.

Although we pay you the credit, we can claim the money back from the government. You can find out more about it here.

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