Smart technology

Smart meters are seriously clever technology that help you keep on top of the energy you’re using without lifting a finger. They record how much gas and electricity you're using in real time, and then send data directly to us – and your smartphone or ‘In Home Display’.

Smart meters are good news for you because: 

1. You’ll never have to submit meter readings again.
2. You can accurately track your energy use. 
3. You can use this real-time info to see where you’re using lots of energy, then potentially cut down and save money.

Smart meter installation 

We think this clever new technology is great news for customers, and we’ll provide you with a free smart meter installation, as long as your home is suitable. There’s advice to help you prepare for smart meter installation, info on how long it will take, and a copy of The Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).

Getting started with your smart meter

There’s plenty of help to get you started with your smart meter, including what the lights and buttons mean, what will change (and what won’t). 

Smart meter troubleshooting 

Want to know how to take a meter reading using a smart meter? Wondering about how we keep your data safe? Or what to do if the smart meter stops communicating, it’s all included in this OVO Answers topic.

In-Home Displays explained

When you book a smart meter appointment, you will be offered a handy device called an In-Home Display (IHD). There’s lots of info in this topic if you need a hand getting to grips with how to use it, including how to switch it on and what the buttons mean.

PAYG smart meters

We think smart meters are a great idea for PAYG customers too – find out more about smart PAYG and how to top up.  

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What do I need to do before my smart meter installation?
What do I need to do before my smart meter installation?
If you’re due to have a smart meter installed, the first thing you need to do is book a time slot for our engineer to call at your home.
How long will it take to install my smart meter?
Our engineers will always do their best to uninstall your old meters and install your new smart meters as quickly as possible.
How do I switch on my In-Home Display?
When you unpack your new In-Home Display (IHD) and look at the screen for the first time, it might be completely blank. Don’t worry – it isn’t broken.
What do the lights and buttons mean on my OVO smart meter?
Your new smart meter is more complex than your old standard meter – but that’s because it’s got so much information to share with you.
My smart meter’s been installed, why is it now off supply?
If you’ve just had a smart meter installed but your gas or electricity has suddenly gone off supply, a few simple checks could get your energy back on again.
What happens if I’m vulnerable or have special requirements?
If you’re due to have a smart meter installed and you have special requirements, we’ll give you an opportunity to tell us in advance.
What are the rules about having a smart meter?
There are actually very few rules about having a smart meter, but a lot of urban myths. These are some of the real and unreal rules we get asked about.
How do my smart meters communicate?
The great thing about smart meters is the way they ‘talk’ to each other and to us. They also talk to you, through interactive visual displays.
What else will change when I get a smart meter?
Once your smart meter is installed, the only changes will be good ones. Like the interactive displays that help you keep tabs on your energy use.
What are the benefits of smart meters?
The government wants 26 million homes in the UK to have smart meters by 2020. They believe there are all kinds of benefits – and we do too.
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