Tutting And Tomato Ketchup In Top Traits That Make Us British

04 July 2014

…but moaning about the weather hits the top spot…

Being perfectly happy to queue, saying thanks when you have nothing to say thanks for and our ironic sense of humour were revealed as the most common the traits that define us Brits.

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The study of 2,000 adults found that attempting DIY on a bank holiday, applying red or brown sauce to everything and our love of Saturday night TV are unique to us British.

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Feeling discomfort when strangers attempt conversation even though you are smiling, moaning about the cold weather, but complaining when it is hot, and our obsession with political correctness also made the list.

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A cup of tea being the answer to any problem and not making eye contact on public transport were also top British traits.

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Yesterday a spokesman for energy firm OVO, which commissioned the study, said: ‘’The list shows many of our unique qualities as a country and gives a rare insight into how we perceive ourselves and the way we think ‘being British’ is defined.

‘’It shows a quirky range of qualities from our famed stiff upper lip and ability to grin and bear things to our patience and the ease with which we’re able to laugh at ourselves.

‘’Lots of the traits listed centre around putting up with discomfort, not wishing to cause a fuss or being quick to apologise even if it’s not our fault. It shows we still value manners and good spirit, but of course it’s important people feel they aren’t being taken for granted in any areas of life.’’

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The survey also revealed that only half of the nation feels they are getting value for money with their current energy and service providers. Moreover, 40 per cent of Brits don’t know if they are currently getting the best deal with their energy supplier.

Over a third of us are worried that changing energy suppliers would be a complex process and want to stay with their current supplier as it is ‘easier than looking for alternatives’.

The OVO spokesman added: ‘’ We are well known for our politeness and ability to accept bad situations, yet so many of us could be saving hundreds of pounds getting a better deal. Switching energy supplier for example only takes five minutes online and the supplier does the rest.”

The study also found getting painfully sunburnt, binge drinking and a love of curtain twitching were a few other traits us Brits are guilty of.

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While no one quite has ‘tutting’ down to a tee quite like the British it seems – appearing inside the top 10 traits.

Three quarters of Brits are proud to be British and believe that we Brits are able to laugh at ourselves when things go wrong.

Our fondness of mowing the lawn, obsessing over our pets and not leaving a tip as a sign of poor customer service also made the list.

OVO Spokesman continued; “Poor customer service isn’t acceptable and while the British people’s tolerance is up there with the best of them, people should always be aware that they’re entitled to good service and may not be getting the best deal possible.“