Green ideas for crafty Halloween decorations and costumes

29 October 2014

With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, you don’t need to tremble in fear thinking about the small fortune that could be spent on ghoulish garments and dastardly decorations.

At OVO Energy we like to minimise unnecessary wastage and love to get our hands dirty with a creepy crafternoon, so we’ve pulled together a cackling collection of the best Halloween outfits and decorations we could find, all made from items that could be found in your recycling bin (or left unwanted around the house).

Chilling costume ideas

Batfink brollies

Blustery nights with howling winds and spine tingling rain can only mean one thing – inside out umbrellas! Typically cast to the kerb or the dustbin, fear not, there is a use once more. Turn your broken brolly into a unique bat costume (add a set of fangs for good measure) and give friends the fright of their life! Check out for this amazing step-by-step. Your wicked weapons of choice should be: an umbrella and an old hooded zippered sweatshirt and you will also need: a needle and thread, pins, scissors, and something to cut the umbrella ribs, such as cutting pliers.

‘Cereal killer’ box robot

There’s nothing scary about this ‘cereal killer’. They’ll be crunching cornflakes rather than craniums and likely to be spotted doing the robot dance to impress their fearless friends. Cereal boxes, leftover cardboard boxes, aluminium trays and milk bottle tops left lounging in the utility room next to the recycling box are all perfect partners in crime for this clever creation.

See here for a step-by-step of this Robot from the Instructables and get making, so your little green gremlins can push all the right buttons this Halloween.

Turn your nightmare newspapers into a slimy snail

Ohhappyday blog has used brown paper for this super snail costume, but we want to celebrate Hallow-green style, so substitute the brown paper and rustle through your rubbish to gather all your used newspapers and magazines. Using this as a base, customise your slimy snail and take this design even further with a splash of paint, glitter, old buttons and paper cut outs from the left over newspapers and stick on.

And don’t forget the decorations to make your haunted house frightfully fun when the lights go out…

Blood-curdling bottle skeleton

Round up those petrifying plastic milk bottles to create this wibbly wobbly hanging skeleton. Hang out by your front door to give trick or treaters a mighty fright…or throughout the house for the perfect spine tingling set to your house of horrors.
If you dare, why not add a lick of glow in the dark paint to really make this skeleton stand out.

Haunting Halloween wreath

What to do with all those plastic shopping bags stuffed into the kitchen drawer or under the stairs? You have your set staples that you re-use every time you shop, but there are often left overs lurking around the house. Take these old plastic bags and as seen here on Dabbled, turn them into a Halloween themed wreath to hang on your door or in your window by simply by cutting them up and tying onto an old hanger. Orange and black work perfectly for Halloween.

Eerie egg box bats

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a spooky selection of Vampire bats swooping the skies (ceilings). Dig out those egg boxes – a 12 box can easily make four bats – and get crafting. There’s as easy to follow step-by-step here on Domestic Charm so you can create your own creepy colony of bats.

Jam jar jack-o-lanterns

Ghastly glassware and jam jars are perfect for upcycling into Jack-o-lanterns for lighting up the dark nights. We have found a great blog on Red Ted Art and Vlog from Britmums here showing you how to turn these left over jars into nightmarish night lights.

Remember, you are only limited by your imagination, so have a rummage through your recycling and see what other creations you can come up with. Share your pics with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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