Complaining less, de-cluttering the home and saving more pennies top Brits’ 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

01 January 2015

Traditional New Year’s resolutions, such as quitting smoking, have been replaced by modern life changes like being more positive, saving more money and de-cluttering the home, it emerged yesterday.

New technologies and healthier lifestyles have led to an influx of new promises for the year – with seven in ten binning ‘old fashioned’ vows relating to smoking, alcohol and exercise.

Reading more books, re-decorating the house and mixing up the routine by visiting new bars and restaurants were among the top 10 modern resolutions for this coming year.

While the 10th most popular goal for modern Brits is to ‘not complain as much’ in 2015, the study of 2,000 revealed.

The research, which was commissioned by energy provider OVO Energy, found surprising people with little acts of kindness, getting better at taking photos and shopping around more for the best deals also proved popular.

Other personal changes Brits are aspiring to make include standing up for themselves more, learning a new language and trying to be a bit greener by improving their recycling habits.

Yesterday a spokesperson for OVO said: "It seems the traditional New Year’s resolutions are dwindling as the results show that these are perhaps a little more difficult to keep to.

"We’re instead seeing a lot more goals emerging that are linked to making little improvements throughout the year that will benefit both themselves and others; be it having a more positive outlook, getting on top of monthly outgoings or doing more to help friends and family.

"Interestingly, ‘complaining less’ is a top ten resolution. As a company built around what is right for the customer, it is our resolution to do as much as possible to help customers feel they do not need to complain, or when then do, their complaint is resolved quickly. This should always be a top priority in a retail business.”

The study also found aims such as organising a vast collection of digital photos properly, making more effort with family and reviewing deals with financials and suppliers to ensure they are getting the best value possible were common.

Trying a new hairstyle, getting a pet and even learning how to flirt properly also featured on the list of Britain’s 50 modern resolutions for 2015.

Being more punctual, making the effort to send more personal, well thought out gifts and sorting out or changing online passwords was also on the agenda.

Getting a six pack or checking work emails less when at home were regular goals, while some surprisingly aim to take more selfies in 2015 – creeping in at number 50 on the list.

Other aims which narrowly missed out on the top 50 were watching less reality TV, trying to stop texting or contacting an ex and having a go at online dating.

Just six per cent of the 2,000 studied were aiming to quit smoking while under a quarter said they were taking up a resolution that actually related to fitness or health.

Over two thirds said making proper resolutions was a ‘waste of time’ and had never actually completed one they had made in the past, with a large majority setting smaller achievable targets to complete across the year.

The OVO spokesperson added: "A new year is always seen as a fresh start and a chance to make positive improvements. As a customer centric business we constantly reflect on how we can create positive change, and as with the nation’s resolutions we like to continually make year-round improvements to how we operate, what we offer to our customers and how we deliver first class service to our customers.

"Having revealed Brits’ top resolutions and discovering they are focused on being savvy with money, making positive changes and extra effort with others, it bodes well that our own resolutions for 2015 reflect this.

"As part of our new year’s pledge we promise not to rip off our loyal customers by keeping them on unnecessarily high tariffs, all our tariffs will reflect the cost of getting energy to that customer and we also promise to reward customers, paying you interest when your balance is in credit."

For a full list of 2015 New Year’s Resolutions from OVO Energy and Brits’ top 50 resolutions, please see below:


  1. De-clutter the house
  2. Save more money
  3. Try new places instead of relying on the same old bars/restaurants
  4. Read more books
  5. Re-decorate my house / room
  6. Take up a new hobby
  7. I want to sell old stuff I don't need on eBay
  8. Visit five new places you have never been
  9. Vow to be positive and view the 'glass half full'
  10. Stop complaining as much
  11. Make more effort to see the family
  12. I want to go travelling
  13. Make a career change/update CV
  14. Shop around for the best deals
  15. Learn a new language
  16. Stand up for what you believe in more
  17. Recycle more and think 'greener'
  18. Do something new each week
  19. I will be more honest - with myself and others
  20. Reward others / be generous with praise for others
  21. Take better photos
  22. Organise digital photos on your PC
  23. Less TV time
  24. Remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries
  25. Re-invent your personal style
  26. Less time on Facebook
  27. Go through my financials and change suppliers to get better deals
  28. Do something for charity
  29. Learn how to cook
  30. Do something nice for others every day
  31. Phone your friend up rather than text / email
  32. Be sincere and punctual with commitments
  33. Support independent retailers over big chains
  34. Spend more time with the kids
  35. Try a new hairstyle
  36. Spend less time waiting for people to text me back/not texting certain people in the first place
  37. Change passwords/ have different ones for each online account
  38. Leave work on time more often
  39. Socialise more in real life rather than Facebook
  40. Get a pet
  41. Start my own business
  42. Cut someone out of my life who isn't good for me
  43. Put all your PC files / history into the 'cloud'
  44. Learn how to flirt
  45. Spend less time in my pyjamas
  46. Get a six pack
  47. Stop checking emails outside of work
  48. Spend less time on my phone
  49. Take more selfies in interesting/new places
  50. Add a personal touch to cards and presents


We promise:

  • not to rip off our loyal customers.
  • that our tariffs will reflect our true costs.
  • not to hold on to your money and to pay you interest on credit balances.
  • to get your bills right.
  • to make bills easy to understand.
  • to treat prepayment customers fairly.
  • to make it easy to switch suppliers.
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