Getting Local Kids on the Road to Code

21 October 2015

  • Step aside spanish, get out of the way German - coding is the language to learn
  • OVO Energy to host Bristol’s first ever CoderDojo event
  • Bristol’s next-gen to learn to how to code websites, apps and games

WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER: More than twenty young people, aged 7 -17 years old, will gather at OVO Energy’s Bristol office this Saturday between 2.00pm - 4.30pm to become literate in the language of code.

CoderDojo - a global network of computer programming clubs for young people is visiting the City for the first time to teach our young people the hottest new language on the street. Those that attend the event will learn new life skills such as how to code websites, apps, games and programs.

The event is a new permanent feature on the Bristol calendar and anyone aged 7-17 is welcome to attend. The event’s will take place every quarter and all you need to bring is a laptop. To get involved email [email protected] and reserve your place.

The CoderDojo network is a volunteer-led, not-for-profit community that is free for all participants. CoderDojo’s vision is a “world where every child has the opportunity to learn about technology for free and be creative in a safe and social environment.”

Mary Dunphy Moloney, Global CEO of CoderDojo, says:

“We are thrilled to have secured a permanent location in the South West for CoderDojo. Bristol is another great technology innovation hub and we are keen to help fuel the minds of the younger generation living in and around Bristol and inspire them to get coding. We are excited to be working with OVO Energy to deliver these sessions. OVO are a perfect fit with their innovative and creative culture and their hunger to use technology to make things simple for their customers.”

Mariano Albera, Chief Technology Officer at OVO commented:

“Technology has changed the way that we live our lives. You can’t get out of bed without interacting with it in one way or another, be it switching your alarm off on your mobile phone or turning on the TV to catch the latest news bulletin. We use it for everything, communication, transportation, to make our lives easier, to consume the latest products and that’s just the tip of the technology iceberg. Tech is a language that we all talk but very few of us can actually write.

“We’re really proud to host the first CoderDojo event in the South West. Young people that __code gain a good appreciation of data processing and logical thought which helps them to develop critical thinking skills. Code literacy is great for developing new life skills too, not to mention the never ending career prospects.”

The first CoderDojo event is this Saturday 24th October, the next event is scheduled for Saturday 30th January 2016.



OVO Energy is located at 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6ED

  • CoderDojo’s mission is to “grow our network of affiliated clubs to reach as many children as possible”
  • Founded in 2011 in Ireland , there are now 750+ Dojos in 59 countries
  • Each Dojo is a local, independant club that follows the CoderDojo Charter
  • CoderDojo’s vision is a “world where every child has the opportunity to learn about technology for free and be creative in a safe and social environment
  • CoderDojo is a wholly non-for-profit community and all Dojos are free of any charges to all participants
  • There are 103 Dojos in the UK
  • Dojos range from 15 kids up to 100+

For more information please contact: [email protected]

About OVO

Headquartered in Bristol, OVO Energy is the 10th fastest growing business in the UK, and one of the leading independent suppliers in the UK energy retail market. OVO was founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick who set out to create a better energy company. Since entering the market, OVO currently has 500,000 customers and has created over 900 jobs.

OVO’s guiding principles are simplicity, transparency and fairness in all of its operations: making the energy industry easier for consumers to understand and making sure prices reflect the actual cost of doing business so customers know they’re getting a good deal.