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Electric cars top list of most-coveted technology amongst Brits for 2017

London, 31 August 2017 - Electric cars top the list for the most popular technology for UK households in the future, beating drones, virtual-reality headsets and self-ordering fridges to the futuristic finishing line, according to a new survey by OVO Energy. And, with the Government ramping up its plans to phase out combustion engines, the electric car momentum is set to continue for decades to come. 

In the first half of 2017, 22,480 plug-in cars have been registered in the UK, 54 per cent higher than the same period in 2015*. In addition, those surveyed believe electric vehicles will increase in popularity within the next five years, as almost two thirds of Brits worry about their environmental footprint. 

Tom Pakenham, Head of Electric Vehicles, OVO Energy said: “It’s no surprise that electric cars top the list of most popular future technology for households. With electric vehicle adoption growing rapidly across the UK, and the number on UK roads expected to reach one million by 2022, there is massive momentum on the part of consumers to join in on the next big innovation in transport and technology.”

While more than two thirds of Brits would consider buying an electric vehicle, range anxiety and a perceived lack of charge points prevents them from making the purchase. Fifty-six per cent of respondents believe that there are not enough charge points in the UK. On average, those surveyed, estimated that there were fewer than 3,000 charge points in the UK, whilst the actual figure is currently more than four times that with almost 14,000**. 

Electric car owners, and those geared up to make the switch, no longer need to be concerned about a lack of charge points. OVO Energy has recently introduced the EV Everywhere bundle offering free membership to the POLAR network, with unlimited access to more than 5,000 charge points nationwide. 

Tom Pakenham, comments: “At OVO Energy, we are looking to power a sustainable future for everyone, offering innovative, technology-led solutions to simplify and improve their lives. That’s why we launched EV Everywhere, bundling 100 per cent renewable household energy with free membership to the largest charging network in the country, providing the best one-stop household and electric vehicle plan on the market today.”

The survey also projected that  electric vehicles would take Hollywood by storm with James Corden voted the celebrity Brits would most like to take on an electric vehicle road trip. Furthermore, as Daniel Craig delights cinemagoers by announcing his return to play 007 in the next James Bond film, the survey confirms that more than one in three Brits believe he should trade in his signature Aston Martin for a lean, green electric vehicle. 

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Customers can find out more on the EV Everywhere homepage: 

Notes to Editors
* Statistics from Go Ultra Low, July 2017.
** Total of charge points in the UK according to Zap Map, as of 22nd August 2017.

The research was conducted by Censuswide with 2,000 respondents in July 2017. 

What technologies do you think will be the most popular for households in the future? (Tick up to three)


1. Electric Vehicles


2. Webcam doorbells


3. I’m not really sure what technologies will be the most popular in the future


4. Virtual reality headsets


5. Self ordering fridges


6. Drones


7.Wi-Fi kettles


8. Other, please specify (open answers including domestic robots and 3D printers)



The top 10 things that would put respondents off when buying an electric vehicle


1. Lack of charging points


2. Expense


3. Being out of range from charging points


4. Time taken to charge


5. Cost


6. Concern over safety


7. Unattractive design


8. Security


9. Nothing would put them off buying an electric vehicle


10. City Parking



Top ten celebrities that survey respondents want to go on an electric vehicle road trip with are:


1. James Corden


2. Stephen Fry


3. Holly Willoughby


4. Jeremy Clarkson


5. Lewis Hamilton


6. Brad Pitt


7. Russell Brand


8. Madonna


9. Richard Branson


10. Donald Trump


When asked if James Bond should drive an electric vehicle:

  • More than a third (35%) respondents think in the next James Bond film he should drive an electric vehicle, with 1 in 8 (13%) stating that he definitely should drive an electric vehicle. 
  • 2 in 5 (38%) respondents think Electric Vehicles will be the most popular technology for households in the future 

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