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OVO Energy launches EV Everywhere, offering energy customers free membership to the largest nationwide electric vehicle charging network

EV Everywhere will bundle renewable household energy with free membership to the POLAR network of over 5,000 UK electric vehicle charge points

  • Through a new partnership with Chargemaster, OVO Energy will exclusively supply 100 percent renewable electricity to POLAR, the largest nationwide network of electric vehicle charge points

  • OVO Energy has also acquired ChargedEV and Indra Renewable Technologies to accelerate transition to smart charging

  • In the future, OVO Energy will introduce its proprietary VNet technology across the network, unlocking smart charging capabilities on a national scale

London, 1 August 2017 – Leading independent energy supplier OVO Energy today announces a new partnership with Chargemaster, the UK’s biggest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. OVO Energy will become the exclusive energy supplier to Chargemaster and its POLAR network, the largest charging network for electric vehicles in the UK, supplying one hundred percent renewable electricity to its public charge points.

EV Everywhere is the only tariff to bundle 100 percent renewable household energy with free membership to the POLAR network of more than 5,000 charge points throughout the country - providing the best value one-stop household and electric vehicle plan on the market today.

In a move towards building a complete “grid smart” charging solution for electric vehicles, OVO Energy will begin to introduce its proprietary VNet technology across the network, unlocking smart charging capabilities on a national scale, ultimately enabling OVO Energy customers’ electric vehicles to function as mobile batteries at home and on-the-go, balancing renewable energy on the grid and allowing drivers to sell back unused energy.

To accelerate this transition to smart charging, OVO has also acquired electric vehicle charge point specialists, ChargedEV and Indra Renewable Technologies, an electric vehicle components and services supplier, and is harnessing their technical expertise combined with Chargemaster’s, to develop a game-changing smart charger, due to be launched to market later in 2017.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO of OVO, said: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Chargemaster. Mass adoption of electric vehicles will completely revolutionise the energy sector as the number of cars on UK roads reach one million in the next five years. Working with Chargemaster, and combining ChargedEV and Indra’s technical expertise to develop a smart charging solution utilising our ground-breaking VNet technology, we will help solve some of the challenges faced with the growing demand for electricity. We will also provide our customers with a complete at-home and on-the-go energy solution, enabling zero-carbon driving.”

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster, said: “We very pleased that OVO Energy has joined us as the exclusive energy supplier for our POLAR network. Through our partnership, we look to accelerate the growth of our network with the ability to offer 100 percent green energy and smart charging capabilities to our charge points across the country.”

EV Everywhere offers two-year fixed unit rates for renewable home energy supply and free membership to the POLAR network with unlimited access to more than 5,000 charge points nationwide. The tariff also includes complimentary smart meter installation and three percent interest rewards on a credit balance.”



Customers can find out more on the EV Everywhere page.

For more information:

[email protected]

About OVO Energy

OVO Energy is the leading UK independent energy supplier. Founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, OVO Energy has redesigned the energy experience to be fairer, greener and simpler for all. With a mission of creating the world’s most trusted energy company, OVO Energy has attracted nearly 700,000 customers and has been recognised as the uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year, and ranked as number one in the 2015 and 2016 Which? energy customer satisfaction surveys.

About Chargemaster
Chargemaster Plc is the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operates POLAR, the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK, with more than 5,000 public charge points. Benefitting from over 25 years of experience working within the telematics and vehicle-orientated industry, Chargemaster provides a comprehensive, flexible and practical range of electric vehicle charging solutions. Its charging stations are specially developed to accommodate new technological advances and the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry. Chargemaster works in partnership with leading energy providers, vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, management consultancies and property development and blue-chip companies. Chargemaster is the largest supplier of public, workplace and home charging units in the UK and has supplied over 50,000 charging points across Europe. The company operates its own manufacturing facility at Luton Airport which is currently producing over 2,000 charging units a month and operates to ISO9001 quality standards. Chargemaster recently acquired Elektromotive and Charge Your Car, reinforcing its position as the leading provider of charging points and network operation in the UK.

About VCharge / VNet

Founded in 2009 and a subsidiary of OVO, VCharge is a leading player in energy markets and smart grid technologies. The company provides balancing and stabilisation services to grid operators and other electricity market participants by controlling electrical loads coupled to energy storage. VCharge does this through its platform VNet, a cloud-based platform able to aggregate thousands of distributed electrical load assets into a grid-scale virtual battery or power plant. It sends dispatch signals back to them in order to perform various functions, such as frequency response, energy arbitrage by load shifting, and revenue cost-sharing. As a vehicle-to-grid technology platform, it generates revenue across various streams by providing services to stakeholders like energy grids and suppliers.

About Indra

Indra is a UK based electric vehicle technology company founded in 2013. Indra focuses on on-vehicle technology and the synergies between the EV and energy industries. Indra is a technology integration partner for many niche manufacturers with a particular specialism in lithium battery pack design and build. Other services include supply of parts, conversions and component/systems integration.

About ChargedEV

ChargedEV are the leading independent experts in Electric Vehicle charging equipment. ChargedEV consult, supply, install and maintain EV chargepoint projects into the domestic, commercial and public space arena's. Partnering with Chargemaster and offering EV charging equipment, ChargedEV ensure customers receive a tailored full turn key solution that can include, simple plug & play, smart metered and RFID controlled systems available on all OLEV grant schemes.

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