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Pricing Statement, Friday 4th May 2018

London, 4th May 2018: OVO Energy will be increasing the price of its Simpler Energy tariff. The company is making these changes because the cost of commodities has increased substantially over the past year and we are increasing our prices to remain sustainable and responsible.

The majority of our customers, around 70%, benefit from an online discount of £60 per year for both gas and electricity. The table below shows how our Simpler Energy tariff will be affected:

  Current Price

Price from 8th

June 2018

Difference in £ % change

Simpler Energy (with 

online discount)

£1037 £1090 £53 5%


OVO Energy reviews its prices on a regular basis and has a strong track record of cost-reflective pricing for its standard variable tariff and passing back savings to customers whenever possible. 

The price changes take effect from Friday 8th June 2018.