Pricing Statement, 14th September

14 September 2018

OVO Energy will be increasing the price of its Simpler Energy tariff. OVO Energy is committed to supplying clean, affordable energy to all our customers.

Wholesale energy costs have risen by over 15% since June, as a result we’re increasing our variable plan rates and removing the online discount from our variable plan. We review our prices every week to ensure we’re giving our customers a fair deal that reflects the real cost of energy and continue to make all our decisions as if our ‘customer is in the room’ with us.

The table below shows how our Simpler Energy tariff will be affected:

Current PricePrice from 12th OctoberDifference in £% change
Simpler Energy (current plan with online discount)£1,090£1,225£13512.4%
Simpler Energy (without online discount)£1,150£1,225£756.5%

The price change and removal of the online discount from the variable rate takes effect from 17th October 2018.