OVO Energy launches new brand campaign to kick start their zero carbon membership movement

23 September 2019

  • OVO Energy launches a new brand campaign starring its members to kick start a collective movement to zero carbon living
  • The campaign is the first since the appointment of Sarah Booth as Retail Brand & Communications Director in May 2019
  • It coincides with the launch of a new product innovation called OVO Beyond, an upgrade that goes beyond renewable energy, giving members support to actively reduce their carbon footprints

London, 23 September 2019: OVO Energy has launched a new brand campaign starring its members to kick start a movement towards zero carbon living. The campaign will go live across digital-out-of-home, podcasts, and social channels from today.

The new campaign, called ‘What We Can Do’, is the first since Sarah Booth joined as Brand and Marketing Director in May 2019 and marks a strategic shift towards a new membership model, designed to drive collective action against the climate crisis. It coincides with the launch of a new product innovation called OVO Beyond, an upgrade that goes beyond renewable energy, giving members support to actively reduce their carbon footprints.

Sarah Booth, OVO Retail Brand and Communications Director said “This campaign represents the beginning of a new chapter for OVO. We hope that ‘What we can do’ will be an optimistic rallying cry for energy customers up and down the country; bringing them together as a community and giving them a sense of agency in the fight against the climate crisis.

"Energy makes up 26% of the average Carbon Footprint. Choosing renewable energy and using that energy more efficiently are remarkable yet easy steps that all of us can take. And the more of us that do this, the more powerful this change will be”

The campaign, which features members of the OVO community was created by 20something, shot by Lauren Maccabee and media was planned and bought by The Specialist Works. The campaign follows the launch of OVO’s bold new vision and strategic direction for the next ten years - Plan Zero. In response to the climate crisis Plan Zero commits to mobilise the business, its products and its customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. As a part of Plan Zero, last month OVO Energy launched a set of marketing commitments to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its marketing.

This is 20something’s first campaign since the agency launched in July 2019 with a pledge to save clients time and money by involving production much earlier in the creative-buying process. Andrew Barnard, co-founder of 20something said “OVO Energy are a brand with infectious optimism and ambition. We are immensely proud to be part of this significant moment in their history and are even more excited about what’s to come.”

The Specialist Works have been OVO Energy’s media agency since 2015 and work across all OVO retail brands.

Dan Hojnik, Head of Planning at The Specialist Works said “There are very few genuine opportunities to work with brands such as OVO Energy willing to live their purpose throughout media strategy (and beyond). This campaign is not simply about generating awareness of the initiative, it’s about gaining attention and starting a movement by demonstrating behaviour. Utilising formats powered by renewable energy, offsetting those that aren’t and implementing innovative technologies to actively reduce carbon, are just a few of the tactics this campaign will deliver in the coming weeks. We’re very excited to see this campaign go live and are very much looking forward to delivering continued support for the OVO Energy movement toward zero carbon.”


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About OVO Energy
Founded in 2009, OVO Energy is the leading independent energy retail company in the UK and OVO Group’s flagship energy brand, offering an unparalleled scope of digital energy services, solutions and technologies to its pay-monthly customers. OVO Energy redesigned the energy experience to be fair, effortless, green and simple for all customers. Today OVO Energy is a progressive energy company striving to deliver more clean affordable energy for everyone.

OVO Energy, Director of Brand and Communications - Sarah Booth
20Ssmething Co-Founder, Andrew Barnard
20something Co-Founder, William Thacker
The Specialist Works, Head of Planning, Dan Hojnik
The Specialist Works, Planning Manager, Ed McDermott
The Specialist Works, Planning Executive, Lori Cridland

Photographer: Lauren Maccabee
DOP: Buster Grey-Jung
Digi Tech: John Munro
Photo Assistant: Ibrahim Azab
Gaffer: Michael Furlonger

Hair Stylist: Ranelle Chapman
MUA: Emma Regan
Stylist: Nazanin Shahnavaz
Stylist Assistant: Austin Milne

Art Direction: Samuel Guillotel
Design: Casey Highfield/ Rory Stiff
Producer: Carlota Ruiz De Velasco

OVO Energy Marketing Commitments

This campaign has been produced in accordance with our marketing commitments:

We commit to avoiding all unnecessary carbon emissions during the creation of our communications.

  • We will avoid flying unnecessarily for shoots (the days of a palm tree on a scamp are over).
  • We will offset any flights that are taken (flying in talent etc) in the course of any marketing work.
  • We will work with shoot locations that use renewable energy and where that is not possible, we will offset a set amount for each day's shooting.

We commit to reducing the impact of the communications we run

  • We will prioritise digital formats in all of our media schedules. Out-of-Home will be digital Out-of-Home and powered by renewable energy, n/p advertising will prioritise online formats.
  • We are also entirely removing door drops from our OVO Energy marketing mix.
  • When we do use print media, we will offset the carbon created in printing our communications.
  • Wherever new technologies or media formats enable it, we will support opportunities to reduce carbon with media innovations (example being cabon-eating poster planned in the September campaign).
  • We commit to reducing the impact of the coverage we earn.
  • We will offset the carbon impact of all of the printed PR coverage we receive.