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OVO responds to the climate crisis and commits to halve customers’ carbon footprints by 2030

  • At an event at the Tate Modern tonight, Stephen Fitzpatrick and special guest Professor Mike Berners-Lee will discuss the power of collective action in the fight against climate crisis. 
  • OVO will announce the company's bold new vision and strategic direction for the next ten years - Plan Zero.
  • Plan Zero sets out how OVO will transform its business, operations and impact to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • The Plan commits to mobilising all customers to eliminate their household emissions and halve their total carbon footprint by 2030.
  • The company will hold itself accountable to science-based targets aligned to a 1.5°C increase in global temperatures with remuneration linked to carbon targets. 

London, 19th September 2019: Business leaders, climate campaigners, policy makers and carbon experts will gather at a special event at the Tate Modern tonight to hear OVO’s response to the climate crisis. “Welcome to the Future” will be held at the iconic London location that was formerly Bankside Power Station - a fossil fuel turbine that powered most of London.  

OVO’s CEO and Founder Stephen Fitzpatrick will be joined by Professor Mike Berners-Lee, Britain’s leading expert on carbon footprinting and author of “There is No Planet B” where they will discuss the power of collective action in the fight against the climate crisis . 

OVO will also be announcing its vision for the next ten years and Plan Zero, an ambitious strategy that aims to drive progress towards zero carbon living. A direct response to the climate crisis, Plan Zero demonstrates the clear role that businesses and individuals have to play in reducing carbon emissions and acting together to fight the climate crisis. 

The Plan sets out how it will mobilise its customers to form a zero carbon community, helping them halve their total lifestyle carbon emissions, and eliminate their household emissions by 2030. OVO will also commit to optimise 5 million homes with flexible, low carbon technologies such as smart EV chargers and smart heaters.

OVO will transform its business and commit to reaching net zero emissions across its operations and supply chain by 2030. These targets are time bound to 2030, twenty years earlier than the UK Government’s net-zero 2050 commitment. 

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder, OVO said: 

“It’s clear we all have to work towards a world beyond carbon. It’s clear that government and business need to lead the way and take bold action or risk losing the trust of the people they serve. Plan Zero sets out how OVO will play its part.

“Starting now, we’re going to be measuring ourselves not by how much energy we sell but by how much we move the dial on carbon. We’re mobilising all our customers to form a zero carbon community and providing them with tools and services they need to help them eliminate the carbon emissions from their homes.

"Putting the needs of customers, employees, community and the planet first undeniably creates  a platform for long term commercial success. It is with this knowledge that we begin our next chapter at OVO, continuing our mission to power human progress through clean, affordable energy for everyone."

Professor Mike Berners-Lee said: 

“Unless we radically improve the quality of our stewardship of the planet we will get ourselves into enormous trouble. 

“We need to see a systemic change in the way businesses and individuals operate.  
We need to be pushing on all fronts.  OVO’s new direction and Stephen’s ambition to move the dial on carbon will play a part in creating the conditions under which this change becomes possible.”

More about Plan Zero

The Plan was launched by OVO in advance of Climate Week in response to the climate crisis and is based on its assessment of its own carbon footprint and broader impact, and the recognition that change starts at home. The Plan applies to all OVO companies; OVO Energy and its retail brands and Kaluza, OVO’s intelligent energy platform. 

Plan Zero sets out 6 commitments to reach by 2030: 

  1. Help our customers halve their carbon footprint through mobilising them as part of a zero carbon community and helping to reduce their lifestyle carbon emissions
  2. Achieve net zero carbon operations underpinned by science-based targets set for emissions associated with powering and heating our buildings and our fleet and offsets for the remainder. 
  3. Optimise 5 million homes with flexible, low carbon technology through the use of smart meters and by intelligently controlling smart electric car chargers and heating systems in ways that save customers money, reduce carbon levels and support the grid.
  4. Fight the climate crisis and advocate for greater action on climate change by ramping up our advocacy and using the power of collective action. 
  5. Unify our people around Plan Zero and be the best company to work for in the UK by ranking top of the UK's Best Workplaces by 2030 as measured by the Great Place to Work programme. 
  6. Take our customers with us on our low-carbon journey by being the most trusted company in the UK using customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess our performance. 

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  • OVO has made good progress against reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by shifting to renewable energy tariffs for all the offices under their control and working to transition its fleet of engineering vehicles
  • OVO has committed to increase the numbers of Electric Vehicles, with a short-term goal of 70% EVs by the end of 2020 and 100% EVs by 2025 
  • OVO Energy was the first mainstream energy company to ensure no coal or nuclear in its fuel mix. It guarantees at least 33% renewable energy on standard tariffs. OVO Energy’s greener tariff is 100% renewable. OVO has planted 728,000 trees on behalf of customers
  • OVO was awarded uSwitch Supplier of the Year 2019 - for the fourth time in five years.  OVO Energy also ranked highest in six categories overall, including for Best Customer Satisfaction and Best Online Services. 
  • OVO recently announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire SSE’s GB household energy and related services business. Together, the companies currently serve almost 5 million customers.

About OVO
OVO is the UK’s leading greentech company. Across the group, OVO serves 1.5 million customers with intelligent energy services. Founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, OVO redesigned the energy experience to be fairer, greener and simpler for all. Today OVO is no longer simply an energy retail business: it is a group of innovative, dynamic companies, all striving to harness technological advances with great consumer propositions to create more affordable clean energy for everyone.

For more information on OVO, please visit the company’s website at



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