OVO and Eni gas e luce announce partnership to accelerate the energy transition

23 July 2020

  • Eni gas e luce and OVO are launching a strategic partnership to support customers and accelerate the energy transition in Europe, starting in France.
  • The partnership centres around Kaluza’s unique, real-time technology platforms that are transforming the energy experience for consumers and already powering OVO Energy’s operations in the UK.
  • With nearly 10m customers in Europe, Eni gas e luce has recently announced a long term target of more than 20m customers globally by 2050, and is already among the leading independent energy suppliers in France.
  • This marks OVO’s first international partnership, bringing better digital customer engagement, more zero carbon technology and greater energy intelligence to Europe.

London, 23 July 2020: Eni gas e luce and OVO have announced today the beginning of a strategic partnership, starting in France, to deliver smarter energy solutions and an improved experience for more customers through deploying Kaluza, the platform powering OVO Energy in the UK.

The international partnership, which is a first for OVO, will accelerate the transition to a decarbonised future by bringing a better digital experience, sustainable energy and new smart grid technologies to more customers. The partnership will enable Eni gas e luce and OVO to harness the opportunities presented by the energy transition to build a more flexible, digitally connected, clean energy system.

For Eni gas e luce, which currently operates in four European countries and serves nearly 10 million customers, this is a further step in executing its strategy of enriching its digital services offer, in order to become a 360 degree energy advisor to its customers, supporting them in using energy more efficiently and reducing their emissions. With these initiatives, Eni gas e luce is contributing with concrete actions to implement the decarbonisation strategy of its parent company Eni SpA, whose objective is to become a leader in the marketing of decarbonized products by 2050.

Kaluza has built market-leading technology to transform the energy industry. Its platform currently powers OVO Energy’s retail systems in the UK, improving operations with advanced automation and intelligent insights, as well as enabling a truly digital customer experience.

In addition to retail operations, Kaluza has solutions that are optimising energy use at home for a more decarbonised, flexible energy system. With the cost of electric vehicles, battery storage and wind and solar power falling dramatically while electrification increases, Kaluza has integrated with thousands of smart home devices. Intelligently managing devices at scale, Kaluza’s flexibility platform enables stored, renewable energy to support energy grids globally and reduce costs and carbon for customers.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, CEO and Founder of OVO said:

"Transitioning towards a clean energy system is the greatest challenge we face in the 21st Century. €500bn of investment is planned in Europe over the next decade to tackle climate change alone. To succeed, we will need to develop new technology and to redesign the energy system around the customer.

"Kaluza has been powering OVO Energy’s operations in the UK. Its proprietary technology platform will bring energy intelligence and zero carbon technology to millions of customers in Europe. Eni shares our mission to bring clean affordable energy to more customers. We’re delighted to be working with them."

Alberto Chiarini, CEO of Eni gas e luce said:

“This partnership represents an important step for Eni gas e luce’s strategy to expand its international presence and achieve our long-term goal of building a portfolio of 20M customers globally by 2050. We want to help our customers to use clean energy products as well as enjoy the best customer experience. We are truly pleased to be working with OVO and Kaluza whose unique real-time platforms enable a more engaging and digitally connected customer experience, and we are confident that the partnership will bring a whole new energy to our international growth strategy.”

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About OVO

OVO is a collection of companies driving progress to net zero carbon living through harnessing clean, affordable energy for everyone. Across the group, OVO serves nearly 5 million customers with intelligent energy technology solutions to decarbonise homes. Founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, OVO redesigned the energy experience to be fairer, greener and simpler for all. Today, OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, to tackle the most important issue of our time - the climate crisis.


About Eni gas e luce

Eni gas e luce, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni SpA, provides gas, power and energy solutions for both the retail and business markets. The Company operates in four European countries with 1,600 employees. With 8 million customers in Italy, Eni gas e luce is the leading supplier of natural gas to families, apartment buildings and small businesses and it is the second operator in the free market for the supply of electricity for domestic use. Eni gas e luce also has a network of Energy Stores in Italy made up of 150 stores that offer personalized advice to clients.

Eni gas e luce has been present in the energy solution market in partnership with leading companies in their respective markets, with the aim of offering a range of high energy efficiency products and a number of services for houses and apartment buildings going beyond the supply of gas and electricity. Recently Eni gas e luce has also finalized the acquisition of Evolvere SpA, becoming the Italian market leader in the distributed generation from solar power system, and the 20% of Tate srl, innovative start-up active since 2019 in the sale of electricity and gas exclusively online, thanks to its app.

About Kaluza

Kaluza is an ecosystem of intelligent platforms powering the future of energy. From revolutionising billing to smart electric vehicle charging, Kaluza’s technology is empowering some of the world’s biggest energy suppliers to better serve millions of customers. Its real-time cloud platforms transform supplier operations, reducing cost to serve and boosting customer engagement. Powered by Kaluza, suppliers can invest in innovating for tomorrow’s customers and drive decarbonisation with smart, low carbon technologies that not only reduce energy bills, but lay the foundations for a more flexible energy system.