OVO commits to an all electric fleet by 2030

05 June 2020

    • As part of World Environment Day OVO is proudly signing up to EV100 and EP100, committing to an all electric fleet and doubling its energy productivity by 2030.
    • The pledges build on OVO’s sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, supporting its commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions from its own operations by 2030.
    • OVO has also planted over 1 million trees, as part of its I Dig Trees initiative, surpassing the target set in 2015.

Friday 5 June, London - OVO has pledged ambitious climate action targets by signing up to The Climate Group’s initiatives on electric vehicles (EV100) and efficient energy (EP100).

OVO has already set progressive goals, committing in Plan Zero to decarbonise its own operations and help halve its members’ carbon footprint by 2030. A direct response to the climate crisis, Plan Zero demonstrates the clear role that businesses and individuals have to play in reducing carbon emissions and acting together to fight the climate crisis.

As an EV100 member, OVO has committed to transitioning its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030 and installing charging infrastructure at its work locations to support electric vehicle uptake by employees. OVO has also committed to doubling its energy productivity by 2030.

In parallel, OVO will continue to champion energy productivity and electric vehicles through its products and services; including its Carbon Tracker, which helps members cut their home energy waste and carbon emissions, and EV Everywhere providing a renewable energy plan for EV drivers.

Kate Weinberg, Director of Sustainability, OVO said: "We all need to take action towards a world beyond carbon and businesses need to lead the way. In our sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, we pledge to achieve net zero carbon emissions from our operations by 2030. So we're proud to sign up to EP100 and EV100 crystallising our commitments to electrify our fleet and improve energy productivity."

Today OVO is also celebrating planting over 1 million trees in five years, surpassing the target set in 2015. By partnering with The Conservation Volunteers and their I Dig Trees programme, OVO plants 3 trees on behalf of every OVO Beyond customer. The programme is currently on target to plant another 370,000 trees before 2021.

Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, said: “We’re delighted that OVO are the latest major energy services supplier to join both EP100 and EV100. With demand for clean transport on the up, energy companies are looking to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure as the next frontier of investment in the clean and flexible energy system. As with smart energy measures, there are huge business opportunities for those who get ahead first and every major company should follow their lead.”


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OVO is a collection of companies driving progress to net zero carbon living through harnessing clean, affordable energy for everyone. Across the group, OVO serves nearly 5 million customers with intelligent energy technology solutions to decarbonise homes. Founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick, OVO redesigned the energy experience to be fairer, greener and simpler for all. Today, OVO is on a mission through its sustainability strategy, Plan Zero, to tackle the most important issue of our time - the climate crisis.