OVO and sonnen partner in Spain ahead of rooftop solar boom

16 November 2020

  • OVO and sonnen are set to accelerate the energy transition in Spain enabling millions of customers to power their homes with rooftop solar and batteries.
  • Residential solar in Spain is experiencing exponential growth, and is expected to reach 1 million rooftops by 2025 after a change in Spanish government regulations.
  • The partnership, which leverages sonnen intelligent storage and Kaluza technology, will enable OVO Energy’s customers to either power their homes directly on cheap solar energy, store it, or sell it back to the grid in times of peak demand.

London, Barcelona and Wildpoldsried: OVO Energy customers in Spain will now be able to harness the sun, powering their homes with rooftop solar plus a battery thanks to an innovative technology partnership between OVO and sonnen.

This new customer offering marks the first of a series of tech-enabled revolutionary products in the Spanish energy market that will take advantage of the intelligent energy platform, Kaluza. Kaluza and Sonnen are already partners in the UK and together have pioneered a number of industry firsts involving the optimisation of sonnen batteries to support local grid balancing. Soon, homes in Spain will be able to generate, store and export solar energy to the grid during peak times to help ease grid constraints.

Since launching in the Spanish market last year, OVO Energy Spain has become one of the leading providers of green energy, offering highly competitive prices and excellent customer service.

With accelerated adoption of rooftop solar expected to create grid challenges, Kaluza’s real-time cloud platform will enable Spanish consumers to take charge of their energy and benefit from cheaper bills, while supporting the development of a smarter, greener energy system.

Households in Spain benefit from the policy of ‘auto-consumo’ which provides the ability to sell excess energy for use by neighbours in the local distribution grid. This additional income can also lead to a reduction in the payback period. As a result, rooftop solar is expected to be an important contributor to Spain’s target of achieving 74 percent electricity generation from renewables by 2030.

Webatt is the initial installation partner for the project, a long established and the highest performing installer of solar and batteries in Spain.

Toby Ferenczi, Director of OVO International, said:

“Since launching in Spain last year, we are now providing thousands of customers with affordable clean energy. This partnership with sonnen enables our customers in Spain to reduce their energy bills by maximizing self-consumption of solar energy and supporting the transition to a smarter, more flexible grid.”

Jean-Baptiste Cornefert, Managing Director at sonnen eServices, said:

“Spain is one of the most interesting and fastest growing markets for renewable energy in Europe. For the development of a smarter, more environmentally friendly energy system, networked storage systems that are linked to a virtual power plant offer the necessary flexibility. We are pleased that we can now offer our technology to the Spanish market following our successful cooperation with Kaluza in the UK.”

Sara Wood, CEO of Kaluza, said:

“Advances in technology are enabling us to connect energy supply with demand in ways that people want and the planet needs. By integrating Kaluza’s intelligent platform with sonnen’s cutting edge batteries, we can empower people at home with cheaper, greener energy while creating a more resilient energy system all at the same time.

“sonnen are true industry leaders and we are excited to extend our partnership with them internationally, after proving the power of our combined technology for customers and the grid in the UK.”

Notes to Editors

This energy plan is initially available to customers in the regions of Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia and Andalusia before being expanded to other regions.

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About OVO

OVO is a collection of international companies driving progress to net zero carbon living through harnessing clean, affordable energy for everyone. Across the group, OVO serves nearly 5 million customers in the UK and Europe with intelligent energy technology solutions to decarbonise homes. The company has spent the last 10 years investing in the market leading technology platforms, customer service operations and digital products to take to new markets. In 2019, OVO Energy announced it was successfully supplying green energy to households in France, Spain and Australia.

Part of OVO, Kaluza is the leading intelligent energy platform powering the future of energy. From revolutionising billing to smart electric vehicle charging, Kaluza’s technology is empowering some of the biggest energy suppliers to better serve millions of customers. Its real-time cloud platform transforms supplier operations, reducing cost to serve and boosting customer engagement. Powered by Kaluza, suppliers can invest in innovating for tomorrow’s customers and drive decarbonisation with smart, low carbon technologies that not only reduce energy bills, but lay the foundations for a more flexible energy system.

About sonnen

The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart energy storage systems and a pioneer of clean, decentralized and networked energy system technologies. As one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, sonnen has received numerous internationally recognized awards. With its virtual battery, which consists of digitally networked home storage systems, sonnen offers new and highly innovative energy services for network operators and customers. sonnen’s products are available in many countries and has offices located in Germany, Italy, Australia, the UK and the USA. Since March 2019 sonnen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell within its New Energies division.