Group of energy suppliers launch report calling for urgent reforms to deliver Green Heat ambitions

29 April 2021

A group of energy suppliers, representing over 20m customers, have commissioned a new landmark report - Options for Energy Bill Reform - to tackle the unfairness in the energy market which penalises customers who want to invest in cleaner heating.

  • The report calls for new policies to accelerate take-up of low carbon heating in our homes.
  • UK households install more than 1.6m new gas boilers per year, and just 30,000 heat pumps.
  • Without changes to rebalance energy bills between electricity and gas, the government will not meet its heat pump target and the UK will miss its 2035 ambitions.

London, 29th April 2021: A group of energy suppliers, representing over 20m customers, have commissioned a new landmark report - Options for Energy Bill Reform - to tackle the unfairness in the energy market which penalises customers who want to invest in cleaner heating.

The group strongly supports the report’s recommendation that the Government should move appropriate policy costs off electricity bills and into Government expenditure and introduce a carbon tax that is levied over time across both electricity and gas. This approach would provide the best balance in terms of: incentivising heat decarbonisation; properly pricing carbon emissions; avoiding regressive impacts on the fuel poor or the average consumer; and limiting overall impact to The Treasury.

Far from putting a price on pollution, the current framework actively encourages the use of fossil fuels. Unless policy changes, UK households that opt for an air source heat pump will be paying £305 more a year in 2030 in energy bills than those with a gas boiler.

Decarbonising and electrifying residential heat is crucial if the UK is to achieve its Net Zero targets. However, at present, many policy costs - such as Feed-In Tariffs, Renewable Obligation Certificates and Contracts for Difference - are imposed on the electricity side of the bill, disincentivising those who want to transition to low-carbon heating solutions.

The report also shows the UK lags behind its European counterparts on decarbonised heating. These countries have also introduced, or are introducing, more balanced costs between electricity and gas [1]:
France has ten times as many heat pump sales per capita as the UK. It has lower renewable policy costs on electricity than the UK, and also levies an additional carbon charge across fossil fuels.
Germany has 2.6 times as many heat pump sales per capita as the UK.
The Netherlands has 4.7 times as many heat pump sales per capita as the UK.

Policy changes are required to better reflect the range of technologies such as heat pumps that will be paramount to decarbonising heat in our homes. UK households that are suitable for heat pumps should be better incentivised to transition. It is also important to ensure that the most vulnerable in society are protected from any changes so that we can deliver a fair and just transition. Before publication this report was discussed with eight representatives from UK consumer groups to gather their insights and understand better how policy can help overcome fuel poverty challenges. It was agreed that the next step is assessing what mitigating measures are needed to ensure households in fuel poverty are protected against any increase in bills.

Adrian Letts, CEO of Retail, OVO Energy said:
“Today, everything begins with Net Zero. It’s both an opportunity and a fundamental challenge for the energy sector.

“Like most energy suppliers, we sell gas to our customers. We know over time this needs to change. We are moving from a pure energy supplier to becoming a decarbonisation partner to support our members' transition to low carbon heat in their homes. However we cannot do it alone.

“This report shows that the amount of additional policy costs loaded onto electricity bills, makes alternatives to cheap gas boilers such as a heat pump far more expensive. Moving the policy costs onto government expenditure and then introducing a carbon tax levied across electricity and gas would be the fairest and most effective way to decarbonise heating.”

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said:
“Britain has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make a positive change, reduce emissions and kickstart a new industry, but unless we get the economics right, we’ll never get the delivery right. To meet the Prime Minister’s 600,000-a-year heat pump target in just seven years means we need to start making energy bills fairer for everyone now – making sure the right choice is also the cheaper choice. Public First’s policy recommendation squares that circle and protects homeowners and Government’s finances into the bargain, so for me it’s a no brainer for the Chancellor to include these proposals in the next Budget update.”

Philippe Commaret, Managing Director of Customers at EDF, said:
“In order to successfully reduce our household heating emissions and reach our net zero targets, we must make it more affordable for customers who want to invest in low carbon heating options. This report highlights some of the steps needed to encourage customers to transition towards electric low carbon solutions and away from fossil fuels. Steps like this will be key in helping Britain to achieve net zero.”

Andrew Ward, Retail CEO of ScottishPower, said: “The UK has set world-leading ambitions to decarbonise the economy, and providing a cost-effective pathway to the mass take-up of electric heating is critical to meeting our Net Zero goals. This report joins the policy dots to show how transition to low carbon heating in millions of homes across the country can be delivered.”


Notes to Editors
[1] The numbers in these countries - while much higher than the UK’s - are still below the Government’s targets.

Information about the report
Please click HERE to download the report.

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