OVO Foundation wins Philanthropy Award at the Better Society Awards 2022

12 May 2022

London, 12th May 2022- OVO Foundation, OVO’s charitable arm, was awarded Philanthropy Award at last night’s Better Society Awards. These awards reward commercial companies who are helping create a better, more equal, ethical and sustainable world for all. 

The Philanthropy Award recognises OVO Foundation’s commitment to fulfilling its vision for all children and young people to have equitable access to a sustainable future, via programmes such as Climate Changers and Future Builders

Hannah Howard, Head of OVO Foundation, said:

“OVO Foundation believes that, together, we can create a greener, fairer future for all children and young people. We’re extremely proud and grateful to have this recognised by the Better Society Awards - thank you to all involved!”



About OVO Foundation 

OVO Foundation is OVO’s charity that was created in 2014.  Our vision is for all children and young people to have equitable access to a sustainable future. We do this by developing and funding projects that enable them to live in a sustainable community, and also increase their knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues and empower them to take action. Our projects include Future Builders, where we’ve worked with over 100 young homeless people to renovate derelict houses that they go on to live in, and Project Jua, where we electrify schools and health clinics in the most remote parts of Kenya to improve health and education outcomes for 100,000s of people. Thousands of OVO Energy customers choose to donate to OVO Foundation each month by adding at least 25p to their monthly statement. OVO matches all customer donations, and also covers OVO Foundation’s overheads so 100% of donations go directly to the projects.