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Can a new app save prepay customers time and money?

Here at OVO we’ve learnt that prepay customers face two main problems: wasting time topping up their meters and paying too much for energy.

Our new PAYG+ app was created to solve both of these problems with a few taps of a smartphone.

You simply tap, top up and relax.

A better deal on prepay energy

In their recent report into the UK energy market the Competitions and Markets Authority highlighted that prepayment customers pay on average £76* a year more for energy than similar variable tariff customers pay via direct debit, and more again compared to fixed tariff customers.

Here at OVO we have long been aware of this problem, which is why 95% of new customers saved when switching to OVO Energy. But something else we pride ourselves on is listening to our customers. And when we talked to our prepayment customers they told us one thing very clearly . . .

It’s not just about the money!

Customers told us they simply don’t have the time to be running off to the shop every time the meter runs out, or a prepay card isn’t work properly.

We even commissioned some research on the scale of this problem. The average PAYG energy customer tops up between three and four times a month, and each top up takes around 16 minutes to complete. Do the maths, and that equates to 11 hours a year – or 28 days in a lifetime. In that time, the average person would have earned £150 a year, or £7,350 in a working lifetime. Instead, you could:

Clearly it's a much bigger waste of time than most of us realise.

So we decided to do something about it.


Now there’s an app for that

OVO’s Smart PAYG+ tariff offers the first prepay app in Britain. From topping up at home to managing your energy when you’re on the go, this new smartphone app puts you in control.

Here are a few features:

It only takes 5 minutes to switch.  Faster than you can run to the shop to top up ;-)


Ready to switch?

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