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Thank You

Celebrating 5 years of OVO and Cool Earth

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OVO Energy and Cool Earth

A five year partnership making an impact in the rainforest

100K acres of rainforest safeguarded

“Protecting the environment is in OVO’s DNA. In year one they pledged to save 100,000 acres of at-risk rainforest in the Ene Valley of Peru. Six years on, they are doing so much more.”

- Cool Earth 



A strong village means a safe forest. OVO has worked alongside the Asháninka to improve healthcare in remote rainforest villages, so they can keep their trees standing.

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OVO has helped to develop sustainable income streams from forest produce like coffee and cacao, meaning the rainforest is worth more standing than cut down.

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Behind the scenes

Meet some of the people who make a difference everyday in the Amazon.

The Asháninka matriarch - the Nigella Lawson of the rainforest.
Our man on the ground. Loves a glass of red and good story.
The first ever Asháninka woman to make hot chocolate in the forest.
The shyest person in the Amazon. Great at high jump.

24 million trees protected

Thanks to our customers, we have been able to prevent 24 million trees from being cut down. The carbon stored in these endangered trees is equivalent to considerably more than the yearly emissions of every car in the UK. ​

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Two villages with clean water

It’s a tragic irony that in an environment blessed with two metres of rainfall each year, many families don’t have access to clean, safe water. We have worked alongside Cool Earth to make sure every family in the villages they support has adequate sanitation and clean, safe water for their families.

Six boats for communities

In remote rainforest villages the only way to access markets and healthcare is by river. Since we started supporting the Asháninka community in Peru, 56 lives have been saved through emergency evacuations, and more families can get to market to sell their forest produce and buy vital supplies for their families.

“After a plane trip, all day in a car, an overnight stop, a seven hour boat ride and then a bit of a trek through the undergrowth, I was so relived to have finally arrived. BUT it did make me realise just how remote and how far from home we really were." 

- Renee, Digital Strategy, OVO Energy

More behind the scenes

Some other key players in the Rainforest Diaries film

Village Chief, President of Cacao Producers Association - and he’s only 25!
Beloved (and heavily pregnant) family dog who trekked all the way - and back - with us!
Qualified nurse after studying in Cuba - leading the charge on maternal health.
Respected village Shaman of Tinkareni. See her face-painting skills in the film above.

Eight schools supported

Investments in better classrooms and resources, as well as funding grants for students to study further afield, is a commitment to future generations of forest protectors. That’s why we’ve supported 14 rainforest schools - so every child in Cool Earth’s Asháninka partnership has access to education.

Four medical outposts

The rainforest is a dangerous environment. Snake bites, and tropical diseases like malaria and tuberculosis are common. Medical help is often a gruelling six hour journey by foot and boat. Thanks to the partnership, remote villages now have a medical outpost equipped to deal with emergencies.

“It was incredible to see, how scared the Asháninka were when we came across a snake. They were not messing around. They have no qualms killing them - they are the equivalent of rats, but can kill their children!”

- Marco, Product Designer, OVO Energy

Cacao fermentation boxes that last

Deforestation begins with poverty. New fermentation boxes help to support communities to stay in control of their resources. With the support from OVO and Cool Earth, sustainable livelihoods from cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) are keeping 174 families out of poverty and their trees standing.

Four fish farms and and one breeding lab

Forests are a secure source of food for approximately 1.75 million people. Thanks to OVO, Cool Earth’s Asháninka partners in Peru are cultivating fish farms to provide families with a vital source of protein. As there’s more than enough to go around, the fry can be sold to other villages, meaning more income for everyone.

“Most of the Asháninka we met hadn't been schooled and struggled with Spanish but were determined to educate their children. We heard stories of what the little ones envisaged doing when "they grow up" and, unsurprisingly, most of these "dream jobs" entailed protecting their environment. Education is not something they take for granted; they see it as a powerful tool that will allow them to safeguard their future. ”

- Alexandra, Product Owner, OVO Energy

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Thank you for all your support

More on Asháninka culture
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