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Storage heaters: a smarter way to heat your home

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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Thinking about trying Economy 7 storage heaters?

Storage heaters used to get a bad rep: old, clunky, inefficient. But these problems are, thankfully, a thing of the past. Today’s storage heaters save energy, while lowering your bills. We’re big fans. And, with the help of the latest tech, you can even connect them to your phone and make them work around your life. Sounds interesting? Read on… 

Cheaper than your average heating system 

Electric storage heaters are already a pretty smart way to heat your home, when you use them with a money-saving Economy 7 tariff. Often referred to as night storage heaters, they generate and store electricity during the night (when there is less pressure on the National Grid), so you pay less for your electricity. 

But the thing we love most? They’re green! 

Smart Economy 7 storage heaters are a big step towards fighting the climate crisis – all because they generate electricity at night. This is when the grid is most likely to be powered by renewables, making these electric heaters a brilliant (and simple) way to reduce carbon emissions at home. 

[P.S - if you’ve stumbled upon this post while doing some research and haven’t got storage heaters in your home just yet and want to find out more about how they work click here]

Our favourite type: Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

If you’re thinking of going for it, we’d recommend Dimplex – a trusted name who we’ve partnered up with. These are the benefits – see what you think:

  • Smart control: easily adapt the temperature in real time using the LCD display on the heater.
  • Stylish and compact: luckily,  eye-sore storage heaters are now a thing of the past. 
  • Money in your pocket: save up to £244* (23%) per year compared to a standard storage heater system.1

[Want to upgrade your old storage heaters to Quantum?]

And once you have these heaters, you can make them even smarter… 

Start by connecting your Dimplex Quantum storage heaters to a Dimplex Hub. This clever digital hub connects all of your heaters through your wifi connection, allowing them to receive and send commands. 

When you download the Dimplex app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store), you’ll have full control of your heaters from the touch of your phone. Anytime, anywhere.

What the Dimplex Hub does for you:

  • Perfect heating, room by room: set your ideal temperature for each heater within the app.
  • Track how much you’re spending: get your heating bills under control by seeing your hourly, weekly and yearly costs in real time.
  • Gone on holiday and left the heating on? No need to worry, just switch on ‘Away Mode’ in the app. 

And if you want to be even greener… 

Once you’ve set up your Dimplex Hub, there’s an easy way to make your heaters even greener. This is where Kaluza comes in. Kaluza is an intelligent energy platform, which works in the background to help you lower your energy use, while helping the National Grid become greener.  All that’s needed is for us to connect your hub to Kaluza and it will magically do the rest. 

Here’s how Kaluza works:

Kaluza cleverly connects to a range of smart devices (like your storage heaters). This helps it to ‘balance the grid’, which is all about reducing the need to fire up coal power stations at times of high demand for energy in our homes. It sounds complicated, but Kaluza makes it simple. And it doesn’t require any effort from you. You can help the cause from the comfort of your home. 


Already got Quantum heaters in your home and want to make them smarter? We can help! And we’ll even chuck in a free Dimplex Hub (worth £162) and get you connected to Kaluza. Tell me more


Annual savings based on a 90m2 3 Bed Semi-detached Home, built to 1990s Building Regulations, on a “UK Average” electricity tariff (See here: Electricity kWh usage for Dimplex Quantum and equivalent manual static storage systems are from an independent report, commissioned by Dimplex in 2014 (


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