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The power of teamwork

If all of us in the UK turned our thermostats down by just 1 degree, we’d prevent 8.8 million tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere each year. We know this because turning the thermostat by one degree you can save 320kg of carbon a year, or 0.32 tonnes (Source: Energy Saving Trust). And we multiplied this by the number of households in the UK (ONS, 2018). 

0.32 * 27,600,000 = 8,832,000 tonnes each year.


And we know that swapping tumble drying for line drying outside in the summer would save over 2.4 million tonnes of carbon a year (2,484,000 tonnes to be exact) because there's an average saving of 90kg per household, or 0.09 tonnes (Source: Energy Saving Trust).  We then multiplied this by the number of households in the UK (ONS, 2018) to see what the impact would be if everyone in the UK switched to line drying in the summer. 

0.09 * 27,600,000 = 2,484,000 tonnes each year.

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