An update on SSE Phone & Broadband

SSE Phone & Broadband is provided to you by OVO (S) Retail Telecoms Limited, a subsidiary of OVO (S) Energy Services Limited. We now want to let customers know that OVO Energy has agreed to sell SSE Phone & Broadband to TalkTalk. This happened in August 2022.

Questions and answers

In 2020, SSE Phone & Broadband was acquired by OVO Energy as part of its purchase of SSE Energy Services from SSE plc. OVO has now agreed to sell SSE Phone & Broadband (provided by OVO (S) Retail Telecoms Limited) and move the care of its customers to TalkTalk. Right now, nothing changes for customers, and service will carry on running as normal. More information about the transfer of your phone and broadband service to TalkTalk will be shared when it’s available.

SSE, which owned SSE Phone & Broadband prior to its sale to OVO Energy in 2020, has given permission for the SSE brand to be used under licence until April 2023 to support a smooth transition to TalkTalk.

TalkTalk are phone and broadband experts – bringing reliable service at great value to all their customers. We trust them to carry on giving customers the same high level of service they’re used to. Here at OVO, we’ll stay focused on energy and the goal of bringing clean power to everyone.

Right now, nothing changes for SSE Phone & Broadband customers. Your service will still be provided by OVO (S) Retail Telecoms Limited until your service is transferred to TalkTalk and your prices won’t be affected by this change. You don’t need to do anything – more information will be shared when it’s available.

No, absolutely not – there won’t be any interruption to your phone and broadband connection. We’ll be moving your service to TalkTalk's network over the next few months. But you’ll stay on the same package and won't experience any issues.

OVO will be working closely with TalkTalk to make sure the move is as smooth as possible. More information will be shared when it’s available.

Please get in touch with SSE Phone & Broadband (part of the OVO family), just like normal – nothing’s changing for customers right now. If you need SSE Phone & Broadband, they’re always happy to help. You can reach them on WhatsApp, or call the friendly team on 0345 071 9886.