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Powering a sustainable future

The OVO Energy Women’s Tour returns

Expect drama in spades, because this year’s course is set to be the toughest – and longest – in its history, with 16 teams of world-class riders battling for the coveted green jersey, across 6 epic stages.

Encouraging more women to ride on Britain’s roads

In June 2019, we presented the first OVO Energy Night Ride – to raise awareness of the barriers deterring women from cycling and inspire more to adopt cycling as a lower carbon mode of transport.

British Cycling CEO, Julie Harrington, double Olympic Gold medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE and endurance cyclist (and former cycle courier) Emily Chappell were among the names to join us for a panel discussion, before leading a 50-strong peloton to light up London. On bikes customised with green Brightside Bike Lights LEDs, powered by sustainable rechargeable batteries.


To check out the highlights from the ride on Twitter and Instagram, search for #OVONightRides. 

Legacy Rides across the UK

More Night Rides will take place this summer in Manchester (4th July), Bristol (18th July) and Glasgow (8th August). For sign up info, click here (ride places are limited and you'll need to bring your own wheels).

Shine brighter with 25% off bike lights

We’ve partnered with Brightside Bike Lights to offer a special discount on their unique rechargeable helmet and side facing bike lights. Visit and use the promo code “OVONIGHTRIDES” at the checkout. The first 100 visitors will receive 25% off. After that, everyone enjoys 15% off until 4th September 2019.

Why we’re sponsoring the Women’s Tour

We believe in powering positive change. That’s why, as the title sponsor for the third year in a row, we’re proud to be championing the ultimate mode of sustainable transport and promoting gender parity in sport. Our aim is to inspire a whole new generation of women to get into competitive cycling!

Levelling the playing field

We think all athletes at the same level should be paid the same. Full stop. That’s why, last year, we became the first sponsors to increase the prize money, so that stage by stage, jersey by jersey, Women’s Tour riders would win exactly the same amount as the men do in the Tour of Britain.

Promoting sustainable transport

We’re passionate about powering a sustainable future, which is why we’re investing in all sorts of ways to make the electric vehicle revolution happen faster. Sponsoring events that champion the ultimate mode of sustainable transport is just the beginning.

Believing in the power of tech

Just like pro-cyclists, we love innovative technology. Our sporting friends use it in pursuit of split-second gains. While at OVO, technology and renewable energy are behind the smart home products that empower you to live a more energy-efficient life. Saving you money, and protecting our planet too.

Join us in building a more sustainable future

We think ‘going green’ should be easy. That’s why we created our Green Energy add-on.

100% affordable

Get 100% renewable electricity1 for an extra £5 a month.

100% flexible

Get it on any plan. Add it anytime. Cancel whenever.

100% greener

We’ll plant 5 trees2 for you each year in the UK.

Why wait? Make your energy make a difference

Go green now

Solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s tech

Get on board with technology that will change your world.

Powering electric vehicles

Our unique energy plan for EV drivers makes it easier to go electric. You even get a free Smart Charger when you sign up.

Read more



Giving you control

Want to save time, energy, money and the planet?
Then a smart meter is the way forward.

Read more


The future of energy

Our groundbreaking Vehicle-to-Grid Charger is helping pave the way towards a greener grid powered solely by renewables.

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Terms & Conditions

1 100% renewable electricity: If you’re signed up to our Green Energy, we purchase renewable certificates for 100% of your electricity use from green sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogas. Visit for more information.

2 I Dig Trees: We aim to plant 5 trees on your behalf in green spaces over the UK through our I Dig Trees programme. From April 2017 to March 2018 we're aiming to have planted at least 150,000 trees bringing the total number of trees planted to over 500,000 trees since 2015. Find out more about I Dig Trees, here:

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