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    Right from the beginning, we've always tried to be a fair energy company...

    "I didn't come from an energy background - so I didn't start with set ideas of how things are 'normally' done. Just a vision of how things should be done - as a customer."

    Stephen FitzpatrickFounder, OVO Energy

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  • Where your money goes

    Every £1 we spend goes on:

    5p VAT

    Pie chart showing VAT makes up 20% of each pound spent

    3p Profit

    Pie chart showing profit makes up 5% of each pound spent

    82p Wholesale & Distribution

    Pie chart showing Wholesale & Distribution makes up 50% of each pound spent

    10p Operating costs

    Pie chart showing Operating makes up 25% of each pound spent

    How we manage our costs

    Wholesale prices  -simple chart
    We watch wholesale prices like a hawk so we can swoop on the best energy prices at just the right time. And because we're about big service not big profits, any savings we make come right back to you.

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