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Support your local grid with home energy storage

Our revolutionary home battery trial, exclusive to households in Lincolnshire

We’ve set out to bring the #FutureOfEnergy to the here and now. That’s why we’ve partnered with sonnen to give you the chance to play your part in unlocking the potential of home batteries.

What does the trial involve?


We've been working with Western Power Distributions (WPD) who are a distribution network operator. They have identified a particular area within Lincoln, and certain times, where they could use support in providing electricity. Batteries form a crucial part of this support, so the energy that they store is not only helpful for your home, but it could also be helpful for homes across your local area. 

At various points in the year, your battery may be doing different things, which you'll be able to track through the sonnen app, which comes with your sonnenBatterie. 

Used to support your local network

At times when your local network is under constraint or at risk of fault, part of your sonnenBatterie capacity may be reserved and used to support your local network. Essentially, at times when it’s needed most, we will export the energy stored in your battery back to the grid. 

During this period, there may be times where we top up the solar energy stored in your battery with energy from the grid. This is to ensure that there is enough energy available to provide the support mentioned above to your local network. 

You may see your energy consumption rise when we need to top up your battery with energy from the grid. There is a risk that when this happens, your energy bill may increase. However, over the course of the trial you will be better off and could save up to £1002 on your energy bill per year.

Used for your home

Your battery will predominantly be used for your home - storing energy from your solar panels to be used within your home when the sun isn’t shining. There may be occasions where we are testing how else your battery can be used to support the wider electric grid to integrate more renewable generation - so you really are becoming part of the future UK energy network.


Why trial home energy storage?

Help make the grid greener

The battery will store renewable energy – to be used later by you or by your local grid when it’s needed most.

Get money off your energy bills

With a home battery, you could save up to £100/year2 because you’ll be using more of your own energy.

Develop Home Energy Storage with us

As one of the first to use this technology, your feedback will help shape the future of home batteries.

Get a battery for free

To take part in the trial, you’ll need to switch your energy to OVO. In return, we’ll install a 5kWh sonnenBatterie worth £5000, absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart energy storage systems and a pioneer of clean, decentralised and networked energy system technologies like virtual power plants. For more information check out

It is 67cm (w) x 23cm (d) x 88cm (h).

The battery can only be installed indoors.

A sonnenBatterie system can be typically installed in 3-4 hours although this will depend on each property. Of course, if you are having a solar PV system installed as well as a battery it will take longer. The Certified Installer will be able to confirm how long the install will take after they have completed a survey.

Yes, you’ll need to switch to OVO and have one of our smart meters installed to take part in the trial.


Unfortunately not, as the trial is currently only available on a single rate tariff.

No – your FiT payments won’t be affected

The sonnenBatterie comes with a market-leading warranty of 10 years or 10,000 charge cycles, and a lifetime of 20 years. The performance guarantee states that the battery will be not less than 70% of its installed capacity after 10,000 cycles. This is a market-leading warranty which is founded on the superior Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery technology that is use in the sonnenBatterie to give a longer service life.

If you’re planning on moving home, give us a call on [number] and we’ll look into possible options. We might be able to remove your battery and look to re-install at your new property once it’s on supply with OVO.

The battery is yours to keep, for free.

If you leave OVO within the two year trial period, we’ll arrange to come and remove the battery. After the two year trial period, you’re free to leave OVO and your battery will continue to function as normal.

The sonnen App and web portal provide an easy-to-use interface giving you the ability to monitor and manage your energy usage and generation 24/7. You can view current and historic data as well as see a forecast of expected solar generation and consumption for the next three days.

The above diagram shows how data flows between your sonnenBatterie and the cloud platforms.

Want to be a part of the future of energy?

1. Register your interest

Our registration period has now closed for this trial - keep an eye out for our future zero carbon trials!

2. Terms & Conditions

You’ll be provided with the Terms and Conditions of the trial, and we’ll give further detail the next steps to complete your install.

3. Switch to OVO

If you're not already an OVO customer, we'll ask you to start your switch. You can sign up to any of our single-rate, fixed term tariffs.

4. Technical Survey

A technical survey will be undertaken to ensure that your home setup meets the requirements for the battery installation.

5. Agree an installation date

Once all of the technical checks have taken place we’ll arrange an installation date with you.

6. Battery Installation

An engineer from our installation partners will come and install your charger, on a day that suits you best. You'll get access to the Sonnen app and set up your new device!





Terms & Conditions

1 The trial is limited to specific postcodes within Lincoln.

2 £100/year for a 2.5kW/5kWh battery in a home with EAC of around 5000 kWh and 5kWp rooftop PVa.

View full trial terms and conditions. 



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