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Cheaper Energy Plan

The very best fixed energy prices we can give you. Just take control of your account online for a great value plan.

Take control online
Save £60 a year
Fixed prices for 12 months or longer
15% renewable

Better Energy Plan

Pick the Better Energy Plan and you’ll get quick and friendly phone and email support from our lovely Bristol-based team.

Full email & phone support
Friendly Bristol team
Fixed prices for 12 months or longer
15% renewable

Greener Energy Plan

Our best energy prices if you want 100% renewable. It’s cheaper still if you take control and manage your account online. Or you can pick top-notch support from our friendly Bristol-based team.

100% renewable
Take control online to save £60
Or pick full UK-based help
Fixed prices for 12 months

Need help picking a plan? We'd love to lend a hand. Three simple questions and you'll be sorted: how long you'd like fixed prices for, how green you'd like to be, and how you like to run things. Then just tell us if you're after electricity on its own or our best gas prices too – and you'll be itching to switch in no time.

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See the nitty gritty on electricity and gas prices (by the unit) for all our plans.

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