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    Remember, if you’re one of our All Online plans, you get a discount for managing your account online, because it saves us time and money.

    You should be able to do it all online in My OVO, so if you end up contacting our friendly team, we might have to pop you on to one of our full-service plans(and you’d lose your discount).

    (Of course, there’s bound to be the odd occasion when you need to tell or ask us something – like if you can’t log in to My OVO. Sometimes we might actually ask you to phone us, because we need to talk something through with you. So don’t worry – we won’t switch you to another plan just for that. And we’re always glad to get your emails about how we can make things better!)

  • If you’re on our Better, Greener or Simpler plans…

    You can also use My Ovo to manage your account, for things like giving us meter readings or changing your contact details. If you get stuck, our friendly Bristol-based team is here…

    Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm
    Saturday 9am – 2pm

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    We’re sociable sorts here at OVO. We love hearing what you’ve been up to, how you’re getting on with our cheap energy and most of all, your clever ways of saving energy. Join the community to share stories, tips, suggestions and ideas, and get the internet’s finest energy-related goodness and fun stuff in return.

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    • OVO is five today!

      It's time to light the candles - OVO is five years old today!

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    • The Amazon rainforest's undocumented

      Life’s hard when you don’t exist. In Peru, if you don’t have a National Identity Number, you don’t officially exist. This means you can’t go to school, get healthcare or even sign an agreement. Getting this number, or DNI as it’s called, can be complicated anywhere in Peru. If you are born in the rainforest, it can be nigh on impossible.

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    • Two million might have switched, but that should be just the beginning

      Over the next 18 months, a major investigation into the energy market will be taking place, led by the Competition and Markets Authority (the CMA). The CMA will be looking at whether the way the UK energy market works today is actually preventing or harming competition between different energy suppliers. OVO believes competition between suppliers is the most effective way of ensuring customers are getting a fair deal, and right now it’s not working properly. We think some big changes are needed. So we’ll be participating fully in the investigation, fighting for the best possible outcomes for our customers.

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